Wednesday, December 24, 2008


so disney hath decided to not make any more narnia films. i support this, as i found the two installments thus far to be dull as poo and think the source material is a wee bit too jesus-y for me (though i would probably be more fond of christianity if jesus were in fact... a lion. he could have eaten judas). that being said, this is one of those rare matters on which i'm more interested in your opinion than my own, so rant, rave, celebrate, or otherwise speak your mind below.

here's some reading, son: Defamer


Brook said...

I'll have to disagree here--I'm an intense Narnia fan. I'm also a Jesus fan, though, so that may taint my opinion. :)

LoquaciousMuse said...

I too am a Narnia fan (a Jew Narnia fan, haha, but a Narnia fan nonetheless!) and when I first saw the 80 billion news stories last week saying the series was done, I wasn't too happy. but david and I hardly ever agree on movies, hah.