Thursday, December 11, 2008

quick GOLDEN GLOBES reaction

just a quick reaction to the GG noms before LQ posts her take on the whole thing.

remember when i said that the goden globes mean nothing? well, that is more true than ever. keep in mind that the ballots were turned in before the various critics awards went nutty over milk, which explains its exclusion, and, um, nothing really explains the reader's inclusion. that being said, this certainly halts any momentum dark knight may have had, and if this reframes the dark knight's standing in the mind of oscar voters in any way than the blow may prove fatal.

as it stands, i'd say that if you swap out the reader with milk you're looking at the best pic noms. but my opinion is worth less than a ticket to see mamma mia, the singalong version.


Unknown said...

so my three favorites so far didn't get nominated for any best a fight with the golden globes...commentary to come soon

Unknown said...

oops...not rob...loquaciousmuse...on rob's computer