Monday, December 22, 2008

Do These Posters Work For You? [Analysis]

Images of three new posters were released today, for Fast & Furious, Land of the Lost (both Universal) and Push (Summit).

Can't say this one really does anything for me. I'm not a big car person, not even super shiny cars with a machine gun in the middle. I do like the idea of the original cast reuniting for a proper sequel, but I stress - the idea of it. While I couldn't care less about this franchise, bringing the old gang back is a nice gesture to the fans. This poster tells me, "look it's the original cast, fans!" as well as "ready for some sleek car badASSness?" If I were into that kinda thing, I'd probably be excited. But I'm not. So...meh.

Not gonna lie, this one excites me a little bit. While I've never seen the show from the 70s, I loved the remake that aired in the 90s on ABC's Saturday mornings. I was five years old, don't you judge me. This poster captures the essence well of what I suspect this movie will be. Silly, campy, fun, but with some very cool action sequences. Still don't know if it's the type of movie I'll see opening weekend, but if it gets good enough reviews, I'll at least see it in theaters.

Heh, this is cool. I, along with everyone in Hall H at Comic Con during the Summit panel, have seen a few scenes from Push and I think this poster gives us a good idea of what's in store. The colors are very reminiscent of the film's stock & filters and I like how the poster focuses on the powers, not the actors in the film. The coolest elements of the scenes were the grainy realism and the explanation & implementation of the powers. Here's the description of the film from the MTV Splash Page,

A group of former operatives from a secret government agency uncover a mystery that could rock the status quo of the “enhanced” world — a world in which individuals are scientifically augmented with special mental abilities that include moving objects and seeing the future, among other abilities.

Sounds cool, no?


Garrett said...

For those who haven't seen it, here's the trailer for Push. I'd definitely shell out some dough to see it in theaters, as opposed to downloading/waiting for the DVD/having someone at work find a screener for me.