Saturday, December 20, 2008

1,000 Greatest Movies of All Time

Looking for a REAL greatest movies list?

They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?
has posted their 2008 list of the 1000 greatest films of all time. Most of the films retain a slot near their previous slot, while some (MASH, An American in Paris, T2, My Fair Lady & Rushmore to name a few) were just added this year. You can sort the list by Rank, Title, Year, Director, Country, Length, Omissions (which films got cut this year), Alternative Titles, Sources (whose opinions were used to compile the list) and Facts.

Speaking of facts - here are some fun ones!

-The director with the most films on the list is John Ford with 18, followed closely by Fritz Lang (16), Luis Bunuel (15), Jean-Luc Godard (14), Alfred Hitchcock (14), Ingmar Bergman (13), Federico Fellini (12), Howard Hawks (11), Stanley Kubrick (11), Akira Kurosawa (11) & Jen Renoir (11).
-The decade with the most films on the list? The 60s with 181 films. The years with the most films? 1961 & 1963 with 22 films each. Damn. There certainly weren't 22 movies this year that will be highly regarded as the best of their time forty years from now.
-The longest movie on the list is Heimat, a German film from 1984 that clocks in at 940 minutes. The shortest is the 14 minute long French film, Le Voyage dans la Lune, made in 1902.

A list of the top 25 after the jump

Top 25

1. Citizen Kane
2. Vertigo
3. The Rules of the Game
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey
5. 8 1/2
6. The Godfather
7. The Searchers
8. Battleship Potemkin
9. The Seven Samurai
10. Tokyo Story
11. Singin' in the Rain
12. Sunrise
12. Lawrence of Arabia
14. Bicycle Theives
15. Casablanca
16. L'Atalante
17. The Passion of Joan of Arc
18. Raging Bull
19. Rashomon
20. The Godfather Part II
21. Touch of Evil
22. Some Like it Hot
23. City Lights
24. The Third Man
25. La Grande Illusion

Okay, so I've seen 7 of those...not great. In fact, I've only seen 12 in the top 50! david, where you stand in this one?

All in all a fascinating list and I can only hope to one day see all 1,000.


david said...

24.5 of these. only seen bits of sunrise... which is something i need to rectify right quick.

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