Thursday, December 11, 2008


on tuesday, the dark knight blu-ray sold 600,000 copies between the US, UK, and Canada, representing roughly 20% of all home media sales for the title!!!!!!!

this is splendiferous news, and goes a long ways in market saturation for the fledgling format! and trust me, this is a VERY good thing for us all.



Unknown said...

leave the internet David,
we would all really appreciate it

I bet you smell.

david said...

is this because i'm not over the moon about the dark knight or because i was less than kind (but not more than kin) to the girl who likes across the universe? cause methinks it's not about my support of blu-ray...

oh well. there's really nothing i can do nor want to do about my vitriol regarding that "movie." if everyone who hates that piece o' poo has to leave the internet, the only sites left will be ones dedicated to jim sturgess and / or mediocrity.

and if it's about dark knight, yeah, my screed could have used more details, but i was again thwarted by my arch-nemesis, extreme laziness.


Unknown said...

i love dark knight AND across the universe, so ali-cat and i shall unite in solidarity to take down the machine that is david

david said...

ohhhh boy. fine, moratorium on me hating on across the universe and those who perversely love it until the worst of the decade lists crop up around this time next year. my upcoming posts are filled with nothing but love and puppies, anyway.

in the meantime, i shall do my bestest not to smell.

LoquaciousMuse said...

haha that wasn't rob. it was me. i was using rob's computer. GO DARK KNIGHT & ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!