Monday, December 22, 2008

Greatest Chart EVER [Geekgasm Alert]

Oh Io9, how I love thee.

One of my favorite websites has made a chart detailing the Unofficial Theory of Sci-Fi Connectivity.

Here's what they have covered:

-Direct Crossover - when characters from various universes actually meet up i.e. Sgt. Al Powell in last week's Chuck
-Easter Egg - elements from one universe appears in another (geek inside jokes) i.e. Captain Kirk drinking Slusho in the new Star Trek
-Brand Crossover - when universes meet up in the world of toys, comics, etc i.e. Star Wars/Transformers

Io9 specifies that the list does not get every last piece of connectivity in, but IMHO, it's still pretty damn good.

Enjoy the epically badass chart after the jump and don't forget to click on it for the larger image