Monday, December 15, 2008

I Feel Like An Ewok, If You Wanna Know The Truth...[Cool Web Series Alert!]

A bunch of promos have gone line for a new web series entitled Issues. It takes place at a comic book store in New Jersey called Comic Relief and centers around the employees' various antics. Here's the summary, from their website,

The ten minute webisodes, set to air on YouTube upon completion, focus on the misadventures of the strangest gaggle of geeks this side of cyberspace. When newcomer Zeke enters The Store, he enters a world that rivals the pages he loves to read. He quickly learns the ropes with the help of a unique fellowship of fanatics: a man named Leslie, a woman named Bobby, the enigmatic shelver “Mack” Riley, the silent store enforcer Edgar and his cheery goth cheerleader Madeline and the neurotic (or is it psychotic?) uber collector, Jackson.

But like the crises and invasions that rock the inked volumes on a weekly basis, a threat to the well-being of the “bookies” (comic book fans) will soon emerge. This media menace threatens to break the sanity of the weekly wanderers. Secrets will be revealed, hidden powers revealed and the struggle for balance has begun!

The series has begun posting character promos on their site and youtube page. The newest one, following Leslie the store manager is posted below and the others can be viewed by clicking here.

Issues is set to debut next month and I'll definitely be watching!


Unknown said...

As one of the co-writers of Issues, I just wanted to thank you for helping us spread the word. Web content lives or dies by word of mouth and every little piece like this helps. We're looking forward to being able to show you the first episode!