Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweeny Todd Infiltrates Your Television [Tricky Fringe!]

If you're a fan of Fringe, then you know what I mean when I say The Observer. He's that creepy dude who looks suspiciously like Michael Cerveris (cause it is!) and may or may not be suffering from alopecia. We've known him to pop up here and there, but now Fox has released clips of all his stealth appearances. The very helpful Fringe Television has complied these clips into one handy dandy video for our enjoyment.

Fringe TV goes on to mention that this video is missing his appearances from "The Arrival", the episode all about our hairless friend, and "Safe", which can be viewed here in screencap form.

For more Easter Eggs including hidden Massive Dynamic Logos & Next Episode Clues (shit this show is even cooler than I thought...) head on over to Fringe Television and have yourself a good time.

Hat Tip: Io9