Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays From Your Friends At Lost [Dharma Special Access]

***Spoiler Alert***

Today marks week four of the Dharma Special Access exclusive footage. Below is the email I received a couple minutes ago from Damon Lindeloff & Carlton Cuse.

This week the always entertaining Cuse & Lindeloff answer viewer questions whilst wearing santa hats.

-David from New Jersey asked if Ben meant EVERYONE who was once on the island and is now off must come back.

Cuse responds that there is intentional ambiguity in the way Ben's dialogue was written, so much so that the characters too will wonder who exactly must return. But fear not, the show WILL answer the question definitively.

-Heidi from Belgium asked which scene they find to be the saddest one from the entire show.

Lindeloff said Charlie's death & explained why

-Stephanie from Texas asked why in season 3 were the Others building a runway.

-Lindeloff said it either doesn't matter or it's critical to season 5 and we'll see. Lindeloff guessed doesn't matter, Cuse guessed it crucial to the plot. Whoever is right gets to punch the other in the stomach.

-Nathan from Alabama asked which came first - the smoke monster or the Dharma Initiative.

Lindeloff said the monster came first

-George from England asks if Jacob is the heart/physical manifestation of the island and if they saved him by saving the island

Cuse says that wasn't the plan but it is now :)

Then we were treated to another sneak peak from the season premiere, this time featuring Jack AND Ben. Both videos below.


david said...

cannnnnnot wait.