Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chris Weitz to Direct New Moon?

Nikki Finke is reporting that About a Boy & Golden Compass director Chris Weitz has been asked to direct the Twilight sequel.

...my source says Summit Entertainment liked the look of that even if it didn't heat up the domestic box office (but did better overseas). I don't have official confirmation yet that this Twilight sequel offer has gone out to Weitz. But my insider says another reason it came down is because Weitz and Summit's president of production Eric Feig are longtime pals. The source tells me Weitz is "still considering" the offer to helm New Moon and possibly also Eclipse if the sequel and threequel movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's series of vampire books are made back-to-back.

While I'd have never jumped to "I know! Chris Weitz!" when asked who should helm New Moon, I can't say I hate the idea. Interested to know how this pans out - if in fact he was offered the job and if he will take it.



Brendan M. Leonard said...

I like Hardwicke, but I like Weitz's work with About A Boy and In Good Company more. As a non-Twi-hard, I'd be behind this. The thing that makes me wonder if it'll pan out is: isn't the sequel supposed to be pretty effects heavy? And isn't the reason Weitz is reduced to this because he killed New Line Cinema with an effects heavy movie? Something to think about.

somer said...

I like Hardwicke as well, but.... she messed up some pretty important moments in Twilight. Whether that was her personally or pressure from the studio, who knows? But I'd definitely welcome a new director.

Plus....Let the Right One In was freaking amazing. Loved it! let's get that director!! :)