Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let The Right One In Won't Be Winning An Oscar

God Damnit.

Don't know how this went over my head until right now, but Let The Right One In was not submitted by Sweden as its best film of the year. The film that did get the submission is Everlasting Moments, a film about a young working class woman in the early 1900s who wins a camera in a lottery and starts to see the world through new eyes.
You know, I don't even care if this movie is good. Apparently, it was chosen because the director Jan Troell, is this ancient Swedish talent (whose film, Utvandrarna, was nominated in this same category in 1973 and when I say his name to anyone over the age of 30 they act like I'm an idiot for not knowing who he is...and maybe I am...aside over) and Everlasting Moments is his first film in seven years. I've heard that the Swedes see this as a way of honoring his whole body of work. Fine - commendable but at the core of it, political and not exactly fair. I'm sick of these stupid Foreign Language Film rules. Ugh.

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