Monday, December 29, 2008

Brand New Lost Mystery to Uncover! [Dharma Special Access]

New Dharma Initiative Special Access video! This week is some more Q&A from loveable duo Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindeloff.

Details on what was discussed as well as some tidbits on a brand new interactive Lost promo (complete with website and season five clues!) after the jump!

Question one:

DL says good question, they've unearthed an original song from the 70s and obtained the rights. I had to look up what this meant. Apparently it's a band that is oft referenced on Lost. For the exact references, click here.

Question two:

CC & DL joke about it being a screw up in the costume department, but in fact, it's deliberate and we will find out the answer in season five.

Question three:

The guys joke about what Ben's personal ad would look like, then admit they never really thought about Ben as a love interest. Though yes, he does have a crush on Juliet, so we may see more of them in some way.

Question four:

CC says many questions came in about the statue and DL confirms that this question really does get asked the most. And the answer is we will see the four toed statue again in season five and more extensively in season 6.

Question five:

CC says it was long planned and they were looking for a way to draw sympathy towards Ben from the audience. CC goes on that though characters are often taken hostage, no one ever expects the hostage to actually get killed, so they knew it would be shocking.

The Q&A then ends and the video fades to an ad for Ajira Airways, with a link to their website. The company's tagline is "Destiny Calls" and part of what they offer, according to the website, is an $87 flight to a mystery location.

Today, this was posted to the Ajira website, describing just what kind of company they are,

Welcome to Ajira Airways, a new kind of flying. We take our passengers from the whirlwind of their world into the wild possibilities of this infinite planet. Dreams are made in the atmosphere, and we’re here to make them yours. So never say never to saying goodbye to little pillows, peanuts and kicked seats. Your living room has grown wings and is starting over in a surprise locale.

Get lost in the world with groundbreaking promotions like Destination: Destiny that keeps your flight destination a mystery until you get there. We’re changing the way people think about travel - this isn’t vacation, this is your life... escaped. Let us deliver your destination by revealing your destiny.

The skies have no limit with our new destinations beginning January 21st. So go on an adventure anywhere on the globe and re-imagine your world to be as big as ours. No Borders, Now Boarding

If you head to the website, you'll notice a couple of things. For one, the boarding pass seems to be covered with Dharma symbols & heirglyphics from the hatch. Apparently the Adventures page features a link to instructions on how to turn the boarding pass into an origami ball...those who have completed this so far notice a focus on GUM, the FAA code for Guam.

Plus, what's this about?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and notice the date in the bottom right corner...hmmm

Also, here's some computer speak I don't understand - but one of the HEXes for the website, when translated into text, is from John 3:16 (316 is the name of episode 5.07) and another HEX when translated into text is a passage from page 316 of Ulysses, which Cuse & Lindeloff said someone would be reading this season in the last DSA video.

Today they also posted an offer for an Ajira sky club credit card as well as four "adventures" you can buy - Polar Adventure, Island Adventure, Swimming with Sharks & Excavation: The Ruins. All of these options were posted by Antonio B. McCutcheon and the name on the sample credit card is E.M McCutcheon. So what's McCutcheon mean? Well it's the name of the whiskey Charles Widmore drinks. Coincidence?

To find more of these and other theories and clues as to what the bigger picture is, head on over here and tune into ABC on January 21st to find out what the hell is actually going on.

P.S. Ajira in Islam means "eternal life after death". Hrrrm.