Sunday, December 14, 2008

McG & Halcyon Confirm Fifth Terminator Film [But...How?]

During the Dubai International Film Festival on December 11th, McG announced that he is working with the Halcyon Company to develop yet another piece of the Terminator franchise. Originally the team was gonna wait & see how Terminator: Salvation fared, but after a game changing panel at Comic Con this past July and a steady build of good buzz ever since, the team decided to move forward with the project.

Guess this means John Connor makes it out okay? Way to ruin the movie, guys. Then again, there have been so many reboots and paradoxes and versions of what happens after T2 (is it Rise of the Machines? Is it Terminator 3D? Is it the Sarah Connor Chronicles?! MY BRAIN!) that I guess we don't really know what this means. One way or another...I'll probably see it. I'm easy like that.