Monday, December 15, 2008

DJ Caruso Continues To Piss Me Off

Proving with every interview that I'm gonna be sad sometime in the near future, DJ Caruso talked a little about Y: The Last Man with Sci Fi this morning. Apparently Hero, Yorick's sister who plays a major role in the comics, won't be in the movie too much. "Right now, she's sprinkled throughout, but she's not a major, major character", said Caruso. Really. Hero is "sprinkled" throughout? Wrong.

He also mentioned that Shia is interested, based on many chats they've have, but Caruso is waiting to officially offer the role to him until there is a solid screenplay. There is a tiny bit of hope in one particular sentence - "I would like him to do it if our schedules work out." IF they're schedules work out. Oh please schedules, don't work out.

Caruso also continues to mention all these awesome ideas he is coming up with that will enhance the story. Cause apparently Y: The Last Man is in desperate need of enhancing. (I beg to differ.)

"We came up with some really cool things that would enhance act three and be close to what is happening in the series of books"

Luckily he kind of redeems himself here, but only kind of,

"It was a groundbreaking idea. I know [the rewriting] is taking longer than I thought, but it's a really great project, and it's important that you focus on the story and get it right."

Addressing the Alicia Keys Rumors, Caruso had this to say,

"It's too early to talk about who we're going to cast, and it's nice that the fanboys and fans are talking about it, but we haven't talked to her about it yet...If we don't get Alicia Keys, though, I'm sure I'll make a pretty good choice."

So looks like we may not have Shia OR Alicia! I APPROVE OF THAT.

Unfortunately in all the talk about who will be appearing in the first movie, there was no mention of Beth 1 or Beth 2. 711 will be there, "teach[ing Yorick] a life lesson or two in a very interesting way...comedic, yet horrifying", but without confirmation of Beth 1 and 2, I'm not sold. I'd also love to see Sonia if that's not asking too much.

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EruditeChick said...

It's the blaze way he talks about it that's pissing me off the most. He doesn't even acknowledge that, maybe, the story would be better suited to a different format- like a series- but he thinks to tackle the material and make a movie out of it is a good idea because... etc etc. He just.... Ugh. Ugh. If Shia Lebeouf had a goddamn brain in his head, if he'd read the books, he would be clearing his schedule and telling Spielberg to just sit on it for a while, all right?, because I'm doing Y The Last Goddamn Man.

I hate this. I hate DJ.