Thursday, April 23, 2009

So How Does Katee Sackhoff Feel About Her Last Scene on Battlestar?

This past weekend at Starfest, we were treated to an hour Q&A with Starbuck herself, Katee Sackhoff. A lot of questions I had got answered, as did a lot of questions I didn't have. She is awesome. Here's what we learned!

- Her response to Starbuck's ending with Lee: "Really?" She thinks, half-joking, that they didn't know how to end Starbuck's story so they just had her disappear.

- She was upset with the way her character ended, didn't feel like she had closure. To remedy this, she adlibbed the line "I love you" to Anders, in their last scene together. This way, Katee felt like Kara was going to be safe in the end - that she was on the same plane as Sam and would be going to him when she was finished on Earth. Aw.

- Yes, Starbuck loved Lee. She was "obsessed" with Lee. With Anders, she had a "grown up love." Was easy for her to play the pain of saying goodbye to him.

- What does Katee think Starbuck was? "I tend to think she was an angel of some sort."

- Katee thinks the only character as flawed as Kara was Baltar

The rest of the Q&A, plus exclusive video and where to find more photos after the jump!

- When asked who was the best kisser, she responded "I have no idea...[But I did get to] make out with everyone! Everyone but Tahmoh, which is funny cause he's a good friend of mine. And Gaeta. Cause he's gay."

- On getting to make out with everyone, "You're kind of like a hooker. You go to work, you cheat on your significant other and you get paid for it."

- She was friends with Michael Trucco's fiance, so that was weird. Katee would think "You can't hate me! I got paid for it!"

- Which actors did he most enjoy working with? "Eddie" for the scene where Kara tells Adama she was responsible for Zack's death. Katee thought he was really gonna hit her and then realized "a little late" in the acting game that you really have to be in the moment in a scene and it becomes much better. Also Tricia, cause they became best friends. Katee says Tricia is "the biggest badass I've ever met." Their fight scene in season one marked the day they became friends. She also loved working with Mary, because they could hardly ever keep from laughing. She loved working with Tahmoh because "we're crazy" and Rekha because they always try to one up each other with dirty jokes.

- Originally, during the scene where Starbuck jumps the fleet to Earth in the finale and Roslin asks "Where did you take us, Starbuck?" she was supposed to respond "Somewhere all along the watchtower." Katee got through it once, but then couldn't keep it together and she and Mary kept laughing when they tried to get the line. They ended up cutting it :). Good choice.

- Katee thought it was hilarious that "Captain Tight Pants" and Starbuck were cast in a movie together (White Noise 2)

- She thinks Starbuck would beat Mal in a fight cause "She'd just shoot him."

- "Nathan [Fillion] is fantastic"

- Since Nathan & Tricia Helfer used to date years ago, Katee thought it was hilarious meeting him, cause she already knew so much about him

- Nathan knew the name of every single crew member, which inspired Katee to try and do the same

- Nathan also got Katee to quit smoking! She says if you ever need to quit, to ask Nathan the story he told Katee Sackhoff.

- Katee auditioned for Castle and it was the "worst audition of my life." Afterwards, Nathan told her "It's okay, Katee, don't worry about it" cause it was fairly obvious how terrible she was, haha.

- Katee enjoyed every second of working on Nip/Tuck, but it wasn't her show, so she left in the hopes of finding a role on a show that spoke to her more. She found that in Tessa Cooper, on the new show "Lost and Found"

- Rose McGowen is replacing Katee on Nip/Tuck. Katee didn't seem to happy about the replacement choice, but stayed polite about it, not commenting on how she felt about the situation.

- Katee went to Six Flags with Seth Green and they bought capes and ran around and were big kids all day. Aw, I wanna do that!

- She was raised Catholic, but isn't religious

- In 2003, had to pick between doing Battlestar and NCIS. "It worked out." :)

- When shooting Battlestar she went home on the weekends, which was very difficult on her relationship. So she wanted to either switch to movies or find a TV show that shot in LA. She found that plus a great script in Lost and Found

- She hopes she is still working when she's 50

- She has three tattoos and is getting the two on her back removed. I didn't hear what the first tattoo says, but one says Choice & another says Public Property (in another language I think).

- "The hangover is twice as bad if you smoke"

- Sigourney Weaver was a role model of Katee's when she was a kid

- "I've never really been that messed up" Re: young hollywood starlets getting out of control. She was raised very well.

Katee on goofing off on the set

- On why she won't go to DragonCon. Cause over labor day they get five days off and "I wanna go to Mexico and get drunk!"

- It was always difficult for Katee to cry on camera, whereas Grace Park could do it all the time, with great ease. So whenever Katee cried on camera and "It doesn't look like I have to go to the bathroom," she's really happy.

- Her mom says she was a big ham as a kid, though Katee was planning on being a professional swimmer (ah HAH! A swimmer! That explains her broad shoulders and overall swimmer's body!) and getting a full ride to college to pursue that career, but when she got injured, it threw her college plans out the window. So she decided to go into acting, as it didn't require a college education. The more she got into it, the more unattainable it seemed and thus, the more she wanted to succeed.

- Got her first role when she went on an audition to play Kristin Dunst's body double in a Lifetime movie. She was too tall, but got cast in actual role. She moved to LA, the director introduced her to her agent, now manager, and was Taft Hartleyed into SAG. She still doesn't know what a Taft Hartley is.

- On day one of working on BSG, she & Olmos were told that Starbuck & Adama were definitely not Cylons.

- Went to great lengths to look skinny on stage, haha. She credits it to her shoes.

And that about does it! Overall it was a great panel. She's incredibly charming and funny and bold and I can definitely tell why she & Aaron Douglas may or may not get along...but that's a tale for another time.

For tons of photos of Katee from the event, click here.


Jodi said...

At the BSG/Caprica panel at the PaleyFest, there was mention that perhaps Starbuck just ducked down in the grass. Jane Espenson said she liked that idea much better! I think I do too!

------------------ said...

Did Katee really say nip tuck wasnt her show? :( i didnt think she 'left' i thought the only reason she didnt continue was because she wasnt contracted for the next season and once it started she already had another job? Well that's what ive seen her/read her say in any other interview :/

Also, '- Rose McGowen is replacing Katee on Nip/Tuck. Katee didn't seem to happy about the replacement choice, but stayed polite about it, not commenting on how she felt about the situation.'

Did Katee say "no comment" or did she just avoid the question? haha. What made you think she seemed unhappy about it? I wasn't happy about her replacement either. In one interview Katee just joked that about if rose kept a jacket she wore on the show, she didnt seem unhappy about it all...

Sorry for the long comment and all the questions, im just a curious fanatic :p

L. Muse said...

Sorry, it was so long ago that I don't remember!!! Wish I could be more helpful!