Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Week on All Things Fangirl

Another short week from us, as I spent the weekend & today in Vegas. While in Vegas, I started reading Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Hooray! Anyway. Here's what had us talking last week.


Support a good cause by going out on a date with Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm or Nathan Fillion!

Lego Rock Band? Started the week off being VERY confused.

Shirt of the Week

What if the Mario Brothers were real? This shirt shows us how disturbing that would really be. I'll take one!


Witness the drama of the Dollhouse Cancellation scare as I experienced it, complete with rant & live updates

In case you missed it, due to American Idol, here's the last 7 minutes of Tuesday's Fringe

A screencap of The Observer from Fringe in the audience of American Idol!

American Idol Pre-Performance Post: I talked about what he Idols should sing this week & who needs to do what to stay in the competition

American Idol Pre-Results Show: Quick thoughts, predictions & prediction round-up


James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy (which, if you are reading this blog, is safe to say you already knew) playing guitar with his son, who just so happens to be his spitting image.

An 18 second clip from Kurokami, the Anime in which EruditeChick provides one of the voices. Clip must be seen to be believed.