Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brain Teasers for Hardcore Videogame Fans

Thought this puzzle was appropriate for my blog :). I only recall the first half of the puzzle being in the magazine - the rest seems to be online only. Am I crazy? So anyway, for those of you who enjoyed this puzzle, there's a whole bunch more of it for you to solve! Fun times! So here it is! I'll post the answers tomorrow :)

Many a videogame has been followed by a lame knockoff that apes the original. Something's surely missing from each imitator described here—specifically, one letter of each game's title. (Tip: The digits in parentheses indicate the number of letters per word.) For example, the clue "This toe-tapping rhythm game is all about survival of the fittest (5 5 9)" would net DANCE DANCE EVOLUTION. The omitted letters spell out a description of these releases.

1. This action game's archaeologist-heroine robs Brokaw, Skerritt, and Bombadil. (3 6)
2. This old-school shooter lets you blast athletes' syringes into atoms. (8)
3. This Japanese RPG features Pooh's feline friend bouncing through time. (6 6)
4. This shooter with chainsaw guns requires great powers of hearing. (4 2 3)
5. In this arcade classic, you race around a maze, gobbling up Dell and Gateway machines. (2-3)
6. In this driving game, you get hit with insane government fees. (5 3)
7. In this action-adventure title, you can buy Iran—if you have the cash. (5 2 6)
8. In this puzzle game, your bagel's salmon keeps exploding. (4 3)
9. This IQ booster features continuous helpings of fiber-rich content. (4 3)
10. This space-combat title lets you rise to the rank of Admiral of Fake Hair. (3 9)
11. This art deco shooter involves wielding electricity on Jupiter's moon. (7)
12. In this music game, it's always ladies' night. (6 3)
13. In this MMORPG, you're looking for the mother of mankind. (8)
14. This lightgun title takes place in your father's domicile. (3 5 2 3 3)
15. This classic FPS lets you attack with miniature Hawaiian guitars. (3 5)
16. In this sandbox game, you're stealing cars for South African cash. (4 5 4)
17. In this platformer, you play a huge fan of actresses Ryan and Tilly. (3 3)
18. In this fighting game, your cartoony characters fight with waistbands. (5 4 4.)
19. In this RPG, your character's got a Norse god's sidearm. (6'1 3)
20. This RTS lets you helm a boat carrying a cargo of viscous black liquid. (8)


EruditeChick said...

1. Tom Raider B
3. Chrono Tigger R
4. Ears of War G
6. Crazy Tax I
7. Price of Persia N
8. Boom Lox B
9. Bran Age I
10. Wig Commander N
11. Ioshock B
12. Guitar Her O
13. Evequest R
14. The House of the Dad E
15. Uke Nukem D
16. Gran Theft Auto D
17. Meg Man A
19. Baldur's Gat E
20. Tarcraft S


EruditeChick said...

I was too tired to get see the last two clearly. I'd even come up with these and abandoned them because I couldn't make them fit. THAT'S how tired I was.

Friendly neighborhood reader Scott and friend Merr, however, came up wit the same thing I did, only correctly because there weren't drugged off the fumes of 7 hours worth of burritos.


Which leaves us with the anagram: