Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Best TV Makeout Scene [Squee!]

Maybe it's because I'm a lady and this is how ladies work, but I love it when my favorite tv couples get together. I used to write shipper fanfic as a middle schooler, let's not forget. If you type in "Best TV Kisses" on youtube, you will find video after video of top ten lists made by people just like me, but with slightly more drive when it comes to things like...making useless youtube videos. But the point is, number one on these lists often belongs to Veronica/Logan (squee!) Luke/Lorelei (squee!) Rory/Jess (squee!) Chuck/Blair (squee!) Buffy/Angel (meh) Buffy/Spike (squee!) or some nonsense from the nonsense that is One Tree Hill (okay seriously, what IS one tree hill and why do the tv spots for it never make any sense and always seem farcical?). I have a feeling though that there might be a new champion, or at least a scene that will knock number 10 off of a lot of lists. And yes, I'm talking about Chuck & Sarah's makeout session from Monday's episode of Chuck.

Here it is for you to enjoy!

Plus this

Reasons why this scene is so awesome:

- The build up. Not only the 2 seasons of build up, but the time they take in this scene to really build up the tension between them.

- It's organic. There's nothing forced about this, it's very organic, natural and awesome.

- It's realistic. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been in that kind of sleeping-in-bed-together-makes-feelings-come-out kind of situation before. That kind of makes me sound like a ho. Promise I'm not.

- Chuck is still Chuck. Part of what makes this scene so great is how a. Chuck is thrilled that it's happening and can hardly believe it and b. Chuck is still the nice, great guy we know him to be and stops in the middle of what he's always wanted TO GO GET A CONDOM. I recently read something wondering how often in film and tv we see the characters act responsibly and use a condom, and I appreciate that Chuck went there.

Okay enough out of me and my acting like a 12 year old-ness. But. Chuck is awesome. Please be renewed for a third season!