Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ben Folds is doing WHAT NOW?! [Want]

Remember that time when I wrote a post yesterday (see below) wherein I said I was a geek in many different ways? Here is yet another way! Woah! I am a huge Ben Folds nerd. I said it. david would have my head for publically admitting something he finds to be so shameful, but damnit! Folds is just a crazy talented dude and you can't deny that fact.

Anyway, I am somehow only JUST hearing about a new wacky cd of his that came out today...well not so much HIS as it is his MUSIC. See, it's a compilation of various a capella groups covering Ben Folds songs. Oh. Also. I love a capella groups. A couple good friends of mine in college belonged to some and they were always amazing. Though my guess is the a capella groups at my college, which would be NYU, may be slightly superior to the ones at colleges that don't have nine hundred billion wanna be musical theater stars making up the student body. I'm saying this only so you understand that being a fan of my alma mater's a capella groups does not make me a loser. Plenty of other things DO make me a loser (like loving Ben Folds, according to david) but not that one.

While the AV Club gave this cd a B-, this is one case where so-so review or no, I am paying money for this shit immediately. Oh yeah, and if you want to buy it yourself, it's called University A Cappella! Woot!


Jodi said...

Um, I don't see ANY reason why being a Ben Folds fan is something shameful!!! My husband and I are HUGE fans. We saw Ben Folds Five's first live performance in L.A. back in '95. What an amazing live performer! Am totally looking forward to his show next month at the Palladium. Ashamed? No way!

Thanks for the reminder that the a capella cd came out today! A local group from USC has a Folds song on one of their cds, but it doesn't look like they got picked for this compilation.

Lisa said...

First of all...what's wrong with Ben Folds, DAVID?! (Whoever you are.) And secondly, that CD sounds amazing! I am also a fan of a capella music, so a capella + Ben Folds = genius, in my opinion. Very cool, thanks for posting about this! :)

david said...

i like ben folds! i just think he sort of tapped his reservoir of song-writing talent dry a long time ago. but dude wrote some great songs. i remember going to a a ben folds / guster concert in central park a while back, and finding only one of those acts to be shameful... okay okay, not even guster is shameful. just not my cup of tea, i suppose.