Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idols Take On Their Birth Years

Tonight, we will bear witness to Season 8's installment of the Year The Idols Were Born theme. We all know how much I love speculating what songs they will song (I don't know why, it's awkward, I just do) so I did some research and have come up with what I think would be some cool options for the Top 8 tonight.

1980 - Danny - The moment I looked at the top 100 songs from 1980, I was immediately drawn to Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend, recently covered by Sondre Lerche for the Dan in Real Life soundtrack. (P.S. Download that shit right now) I LOVE this song. Don't know if it fits with Danny Gokey in any conceivable way though. So let's think - what would work for Danny? Little Jeannie by Elton John? Babe by Styx? All Out of Love by Air Supply? What ARE these songs? 1980 sucks. Daydream Believer done in a cool way? Refugee? Eff this. Next.

1982 - Adam - Bwhahaha. Physical! Eye of the Tiger! I Love Rock and Roll! And that's just the top 3 songs of 1982. Adam's gonna have fun tonight. 1982 ain't so 1983 (I'm sorry, 1983 was an insanely good year as far as 80s music goes) but it's still pretty good. Abracadabra? TAINTED LOVE? This year was made for Adam. Actually, this year MADE Adam. TEEHEE. Sweet Dreams by Air Supply hehe do I like this song? Rosanna by Toto? Ooooh, he could sing Open Arms by Journey and bring the house down. DO IT, ADAM!!! DO IT!!! JOURNEYYYY!!! Too bad they sang Don't Stop Believing already. Oh I love Heat of the Moment by Asia. Thanks for introducing that song to me, Guitar Hero: Rock the 80s. Okay verdict: Open Arms, Under Pressure or Edge of Seventeen. Rock me, Adam. YOU ROCK ME WHEN I TELL YOU TO.

1984 - Lil - I KNOW YOU WILL DO IT ANYWAY, BUT DO NOT SING WHATS LOVE GOT TO WITH IT, TIME AFTER TIME OR TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW. Love is a Battlefield is this year! Brooke White kicked that songs ass, I loved her version. The Longest Time! I love that song. Lil plus Billy Joel = weird. Okay, I don't know. EW suggests Borderline or They Don't Know.

1985 - Scott, Kris & Matt - Luckily, there are TONS of options in 1985. Careless Whisper, if something new is done with it, could work well for Kris. I love Take On Me, which could also be really cool if done properly (I love A.C. Newman's cover) but NOT by Matt. Don't You Forget About Me also could be awesome! Lots of opportunities to strip something down, change it up, and make it awesome and modern. SOMEONE SING HEAVEN BY BRYAN ADAMS. SOMEONE WHO IS NOT SCOTT. I love that song...Really, Matt just needs to not do what he did last week. And Kris needs to continue to be adorable. Siiigh. Ooh, REO Speedwagon too?! 1985 is pretty cool.

1986 - Anoop - Lots of potential disaster for Anoop here...ohmygod, the top 100 songs in my birth year SUCK. Too bad Blake Lewis already did a You Give Love a Bad Name for the Idol ages. Good luck, Anoop

1992 - Allison - 1992 FTW! She could rock some Under the Bridge, especially if she plays guitar too. Could also see her busting out November Rain. Smells Like Teen Spirit is '92, but that's not a singy song. Bohemian Rhapsody's here too?! Damn! Is it wrong that I really wanna her sing I Can't Make You Love Me?? I know it's not rocky, but daaaamn would she sing the shit out of that. I have a feeling she is gonna go for the Chili Peppers. Hah...she could do Ace of Base.

Click here for EW's recommendations, some of which rock and some of which make no sense, and be SURE to watch the Idolotry video where they point out what a douche bag Danny is. I do NOT agree with Dave Karger that Danny is not a douche.

Tonight should be great for Adam, Kris & Allison, as always. Matt, PLEASE do well. Lil needs to not screw up again and pick a song that is just too big for her and big something that she can play around with and make her own. Scott & Anoop could do fine, but it's only a matter of time before they go home. Gokey is still pissing me off, but if he does something cool with Let My Love Open the Door, I might like him more.