Thursday, April 16, 2009

PaleyFest '09 Dollhouse Event!

Went to the Paley Fest Dollhouse event last night & had a great time! Joss introduced the episode "Needs" then brought out Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Eliza Dushku, Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman & Miracle Laurie for the panel.

Before getting into a recap, just wanted to say that Dollhouse is really a show that lends itself to multiple viewings. Pretty much every episode I've seen two or three times now, and each time I notice something new, something deeper. I love this show.

The clip chosen especially for this audience was from the dollhouse episode of Twilight Zone featuring Robert Duvall. Very appropriate choice.

Highlights/video from the panel after the jump!

Joss discusses the infamous 13th episode

- Joss calls the 13th episode the "strangest, most awesome thing [Fox] has ever had"

- Episode 12 is also fantastic, as it's written by Tim Minear and how does Joss describe Minear? "That boy's not well"

- Joss: Dollhouse had "an abnormally difficult birthing process that I was abnormally whiny about"

- They have not shot a single episode in their airing order

- Eliza says she "has multiple personalities" in real life, that everyone in her family has ADHD and embraces it, so something like Dollhouse was perfect for her

- Eliza's favorite roles on Dollhouse so far have been the tomboy from episode 2 and Esther, the blind woman

- In the next episode, Eliza plays a 50 year old dead woman

- The original first scene of Dollhouse, Adele pitching to a client, is now in episode 13

- Fran said Tahmoh saw the reshoot of the pilot as a "second chance" to do even better. Fran agrees, saying he saw it as "more an opportunity than anything else."

- Joss: "My dream in life is there will never be a term 'typical Joss Whedon show'"

- Elizabeth & Sarah on Joss: "[We're] not worried about how he's portraying women."

- A reference was made to a "penis puppet" that no one in the audience understood. Things got awkward.

- Joss finds the lack of Dollhouse's perameters to be limiting - more difficult to figure out how to write a different kind
of story every week (caper, thriller, romantic comedy, etc)

- Joss on the big reveals we've witnessed so far, "Dude. Just wait."

- Miracle on what she told her friends when Mellie was introduced, "I promise I end up cooler than that"

- Mellie's reveal that she is November is one of Eliza's favorites

- Dichen has a scar on her leg from shooting the last episode that aired

- Sidenote: Loved hearing Dichen's badass accent

- Dichen loved playing the dorky fan from episode three the most. She and Joss agreed it's cause that character is the most like her, haha

- Someone asked Eliza if Echo choosing to be implanted in this past week's episode was a pivitol moment. She responded "Yes. It is."

- "The [sleeping] pods are WAY comfy" - Miracle

- Sidenote: Miracle is incredibly charming. Fran is incredibly awkward. But super adorable.

- Fran on Topher, "His genius is so great, he doesn't connect to anyone...he has no life...he's a kid playing with his obnoxious, cocky kid."

- Only person he has some sort of obedient relationship with is Adele

- The audition for Topher was the "Bison scene" with Boyd, a scene which we've apparently scene that was originally much longer

- Joss originally conceived of Adele as a "Dragonlady" and never thought Olivia would agree to play the part. But she as an actress "is so sympathetic, it "rejiggered [his] concept of who Adele was"

- For every actor on stage, when they left the room, the producers KNEW they were perfect for their roles

- Joss changed his mind and decided that yes, there should be more going on with the Dollhouse other than just private engagements

- Fran didn't know "Mike" was the military code for "M". Teehee.

- Code names ARE reused. Sierra is the 2nd Sierra. Joss hasn't thought about the fact that there are probably more than 26 dolls in the house right now...

- Fran wants a scene in season two of Topher shopping for groceries and running into Paul Ballard in the frozen foods section

- Enver, who plays Victor, is claustrophobic. Dichen, who thinks he is "adorable", had to save him when the crew didn't realize he was claustrophobic and didn't remove him from a sleeping pod right away

- Joss says being on set is very "lovely & calming", just like we'd suspect

- Joss enjoys working on the "scale TV brings" more so than internet or film

- What the characters do & where the characters go are extremely influenced by the actors

- Joss : A.I. is the "biggest influence on Dollhouse"

- The art corner is Eliza's favorite part of the set

- Someone asked how much we would know about the overarching story by the end of season one, to which Joss replied "35%. There will be many questions left to answer"