Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charlyne Yi Looking for Band Member!

Checked Charlyne Yi's blog today as I've become a bit of a fan of hers and noticed this,

Looking for Band Member

I am looking for a male who can sing, and play either bass or guitar.

But I would be playing rhythm guitar. So they would need to be able to play well enough as to play something other than the same as me.

If you are interested please upload a youtube video of your audition playing/singing an original song and send it to me. I think eventually I'll have live auditions but right now I am overwhelmmed with work. So videos is the quickest way.

You must live in Los Angeles and not be crazy

This is the sort of music I play with my band:


So thought I'd repost it here in case you fit that description! And yes, she is the comedian who is also Michael Cera's girlfriend.


Jodi said...

Found your blog after you added me on twitter. Looks like a fun site! Loved the Dr. Horrible panel last night. Going to Dollhouse, but I don't watch it. It's part of the package I got to make sure I got BSG tix and into the after-party!

Anyway, the point of my comment is to say that I love Charlene Yi! I've seen her perform locally several times and she is hilarious.

Are you East Coast based and just out here for the Paley Fest?

LoquaciousMuse said...

I live on both coasts, but mostly in NYC currently. In town for Paley Fest and a couple other things. I wanted to go to BSG SO BAD, it's why I became a Paley member, but I actually forgot to buy tickets the day they went on sale to members. Sad times. Are you gonna live tweet from the event & the party by any chance? I'd be glued to your twitter, reading it!

And thanks for checking us out! Always glad to have new readers :)