Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Disco Week Results Show - 4/22/09

Hey, Disco week wasn't as god awful as I thought it was gonna be! Cool!

Here are some quick thoughts before the usual prediction round-up:

is boring and doesn't know what she's doing and come on, it's time already. Kris has cemented my need for him to be in the finals against Adam. His take on She Works Hard For The Money was sexy and original and sexy. I'd go see a show of his. I would. Danny Gokey was SO GOKEY. STOP PRAISING HIM, COME ON ALREADY. What about his performance was better than Lils?! He didn't even sound that great! AUGH. Allison rocked it and sounded amazing, though that's not a song I would ever download. Adam sounded amazing and was original & unpredictable, as usual (someone can be predictably unpredictable, right?) though wasn't my favorite of his, cause eh, I don't love that song. Matt didn't do what I was hoping he would, but he was still adorable and he is still better than Lil and Anoop, who botched all his lyrics and while he sounded fine, come on, enough.

My bottom three: Lil, Anoop, Danny

EW's bottom three: Lil, Anoop, Danny (omg, we agree!)

Dial Idol's bottom three: Allison, Kris, Matt (ummm...)

My predictions for the bottom three: Lil, Anoop, Matt, with Lil & Anoop going home.

I think the Matt fans probably came out last night with the votes to make sure his save counted. If he does go home - America really doesn't like him that much.

I've begun to notice that this year's American Idol affects me like, in a kind of hardcore way. I get so nervous! Which is why, as I said on my Twitter, I will be legitimately upset if Kris & Adam aren't the final two. Oh man.