Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Danny Gokey Manages to Not Suck? Weird.

Well well well. Good episode of Idol, no? Everyone seemed pretty much at the top of their game. Except for Simon, who I disagreed with way more than usual. I thought everyone was kind of awesome, which sucks, cause I wanted Danny to go home this week, but considering last night was his first non-sucktastic performance...yeah, I don't think he's going anywhere. Here are my more specific thoughts:

Kris - Made me swoon as usual, but even more so cause he was in a suit, DROOL/SQUEEE. I personally thought he sounded great, but I also adore him, so maybe I have weird filters on my ears. I did not agree with Simon about this "wet"ness. Oh god, there's a joke in there...a joke I shall not pursue. Anyhoo, bottom line, I loved Kris, but Simon didn't, which makes me worry. So I voted for him and only him last night. Wow. I'm lame.

Allison - KILLED IT. Proved she can do more than the rock thing (even though I never questioned her ability to be able to do anything) and while yeah, she is humble, I don't think Simon's criticism was exactly fair. She looked and sounded amazing. Ahhh I want her in the top three with Kris & Adam so bad.

Matt - Actually probs his best in a long time. I like his stupid hats, I thought the notes he did hit with his full voice sounded amazing and I liked that he took Jamie Foxx's advice. And I don't even like Jamie Foxx. But it was good advice. I'm sick of Matt's falsetto. Though since everyone rocked tonight, by default, I think it's Matt's time to go.

Danny - Ugh. Danny. Yeah, he did a great job. It wasn't Gokey for maybe the first week ever. It was actually like, okay, I'm probably gonna download that shit. But I still don't want him in my top three. Stop it, Danny, go back to sucking, quick!!!

Adam - The SECOND he said he was singing Feeling Good, I felt a special bond with the guy who has the same birthday that I do, because he clearly listens to Muse. Or at least the like, 10 Muse songs I listen to. One of which is their awesome cover of Feeling Good. Adam took their cover, threw in some theatricality and ended up with a whole lot of awesome. Not my favorite performance of his, but it still rocked.

So how does it all stack up?

EW's Bottom Three: Matt, Danny, Kris

EW's Who Is Going Home Poll Prediction: Matt

Dial Idol's Bottom Three: Matt, Kris, Allison

I don't have a bottom three ;), but my prediction for who is going home is Matt. Hopefully nothing cray cray happens and both Kris and Allison stick around!!