Friday, January 2, 2009

Ajira Book a Flight Cracked! [LOST ARG]

If you've been getting the Dharma Special Access emails or saw this post then you know a brand new Lost ARG has begun! It involves Ajira Airways and Lost fans all over the world had spent days deciphering clues and sharing information with each other via message boards. The goal was to find out exactly how the "Book a Flight" section should be filled in. Clues were in the form of a photo that flashed during a Season 5 promo (pictured above), hints from Lindeloff & Cuse in the DSA emails, the info on the Ajira homepage and a boarding pass you can turn into an Oragami ball. And being really smart with a computer.

The info to fill in in the Book a Flight section, how it was figured out, and what was revealed about the future of Lost - after the jump :)

1) One Way
2) From: Los Angeles, CA (We know it's flight 316 - flight 316 leaves at 11:30am. When the home page flashes the time and weather of LA, the time is 11:30. Therefore we know the flight is departing from LA)
3) To: Guam (From Origami Solution, plus the HEX code in the About Us section is "Where America's day Begins", Guam's motto)
4) Departing: 1/21/2009 (Season 5 Premiere date, in photo from Season 5 promo)
5) Flight #316 11:30am (Flight 316 in photo, 316 is the name of an episode, HEX codes reveal passages from John 3:16 & page 316 of Ulysses.)
6) Adults: 10 (not sure why - some say Oceanic 6, plus Ben (or Walt), Locke, Desmond and you - the one booking the flight)
7) Children: 0
8) Promotional Code: 112114111109111 (From the Sky Club Card on the home page - numbers converted by smart people becomes "Promo")

Enter this information and get taken to a seating chart.

Whenever you click a certain number of times, a new image pops up providing potential spoilers for season five. They are as follows, info courtesy of Nickb123 from Octogan Global Recruiting.

Third seat selected - a shot of LAX airport.
4th - code N824
10th - a departure timetable.
15th - a shot of an airport lounge (Ajira logo in the background on the wall).
24th - an image of a young woman (DSA spoiler).
34th - an image of a man (DSA spoiler).
35th - the "lamp post" DSA logo.
36th - your seat number will be accepted and you can download a new boarding pass.

Here is my boarding pass (note: they are all the same)

Here are screen caps of all the photos you see for a split second after the clicks:

Right now the big questions are: What does N824 mean? And what does it mean that the departures screen cap shows Flight 316 going to Guam AND Hawaii?

More updates when I discover more!


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