Friday, January 16, 2009

"What Am I?" [BSGasm]

Holy Crap.

Battlestar Season 4.5 Premiere

Lots of discussion over here.

THOUGHTS & THEORIES - GO. I'm looking at you, Stealth Bear & Garrett.

Some thoughts full of spoilers after the jump

I loved this episode, thought it was a great way to kick off the final 10 episodes. A whole bunch of creepy and/or disturbing reveals, plus that shocker of all shockers in the form of Dee shooting herself in the head. I've never liked Dee, but that moment made everyone in the room gasp and tear up. Very representative of how the whole crew is feeling right now.

My other favorite moments of this episode were:

-Starbuck discovering her own dead body. WHAT the frak?! And then Leoben getting so freaked out that suddenly all his "Kara Thrace and her special destiny" crap goes flying out the window. He's said for so long that she is special. Here, clearly, proof that she is REALLY FRAKING SPECIAL and he runs away. Not that I don't understand. Cause I do. That's not Starbuck. Which is terrifying. So what is she and how did this happen? I can't wait for the answers.

-Final Five (Four) flashbacks. Tyrol wore glasses, Anders was a rock star, Tory was a fan of said rock star. There was quite the debate over here regarding what Tory's line about Anders singing for all of them meant. All of them as in, everyone, at a very public concert? Or all of them as in every girl he wanted to sleep with? And say what you want - you would have been disappointed with the final cylon no matter who it was. Getting it out in the first episode was a brilliant move. Remember back in season 1 when Baltar tested Ellen? And refused to reveal the results? And how everyone accused her of being a Cylon? Interesting. And was she somehow responsible for the attack on Earth? How did she know they would be reborn and did she somehow plan the fate of the other three as well? And why those five? Were they prominent, important people?

-Finding out that Earth humans are actually Cylons. I remember bandying about this theory with friends years ago and am thrilled it's come true. Granted we have a lot left to learn, but I love the idea that the Final Five are actual Earthlings, reborn somehow. Did the 13th colony know they were different? Know they had robot in them? Is that why they went off and found their own planet far away from the other 12? Does it have anything to do with worshipping one god or being banished to their own planet for being evolved robots? Is it all happening again, but can be stopped and fixed once and for all with the cylon/human babies?

-Seeing Roslin finally lose all hope. She's been so strong, so sure, but this is the last straw. Heartbreaking.

I can't wait for the next nine weeks. I love this show.


Garrett said...

Okay, so, in my apartment last night there was a big argument about something that didn't make your list: Dee committing suicide. We watched and re watched and slo-mo'd because two of us thought that she had been shot by someone else (the angle the gun was held at, whether or not the door was open when the crew finds her body, etc). It got pretty heated, but that was probably because of the wine.

And as for Ellen being the final cylon, I refused to believe it until I read this:

At the time, not believing it to be true, I figured that maybe Tigh was just remembering it wrong or that maybe she WAS a Cylon, but that she was just an old Six. Having read the interview with Ron Moore, I'm now more interested.

But mostly I'm sad that Dee is gone.

david said...

okay. you win. i'm officially excited.

Teddy Diefenbach said...

So I finally caught up and watched this! Here are some brief thoughts/theories:

So what the hell is Starbuck? If I recall correctly, in Tigh's flashback, Ellen said something to the effect of "everything's in place". Perhaps they set up something that automatically ressurects anyone who dies on Earth? This would mean that Starbuck, too, resurrected, since she died on Earth. It could also leave open the potential for the 13th tribe to still be alive...

My first reaction to Ellen being the fifth was quite literally "booo!!". However, The more I think about it, the more I like the decision for all the potential twists it unlocks. I'm excited.

Just watched the webisodes, too. Boring.

ErinLaurel said...

First of all: aaaah, this show is so good!!!

Second, I have to argue with Mr. StealthBear on two points: 1) I liked the webisodes - they were not boring! I liked seeing more of Mr. Gaeta and there were some great moments between characters. They managed to get me hooked in 3 minutes each time, so I was pretty satisfied.

2) I maintain that cylons couldn't make a system for resurrecting anyone who dies on earth, because the only reason they can resurrect themselves is because they have models of themselves ready and waiting - they couldn't anticipate who might die on earth and have models waiting.

Not that I have any ideas of my own about what on earth happened to Starbuck. (Haha, on earth...) So basically I'm just being a brat. Sorry, Stealthbear :)

Teddy Diefenbach said...

1) Agree to disagree :)

2) Well, she was gone for 2 months, right? If you were a cylon, how long do you think it would take you to recreate a body using its DNA signature. But hey, I'll try again:

That is not the Starbuck that crashed on Earth when she originally disappeared. Those are the remains of a Starbuck from THE FUTURE who travels back in time and crashes. Eh?

ErinLaurel said...

1. It's a deal.

2. a)OK, accelerated cloning seems plausible with cylon technology. However, that would mean there were still 13th colony cylons on Earth living underground or something, which could make for interesting plot twists (or they make trips to Earth - point being that they would have to collect the DNA from Starbuck's crash at some point)


b)Time travel could be fun too...