Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bipolar Movie Challenge

From Time Out NY's Big Quiz Thing in October, the video round entitled Bipolar Movie Challenge. Audio from one film is placed over the visual from another film. Guess both films!

David and I played not 10 minutes ago and are pretty sure we got 18 out of 20 possible points between the two of us. Please guess in the comments section!!!


Garrett said...

Not 100% on all my answers...

1. Sleepless In Seattle / Dial M For Murder
2. ???????? / American Beauty
3. ???????? / The Maltese Falcon
4. Halloween / Nosferatu
5. West Side Story / Gangs Of New York
6. Magnolia / ????????
7. ???????? / The Last Picture Show
8. ???????? / Apocalypse Now
9. The Mighty Ducks / ????????
10. No Country For Old Men / ????????

LoquaciousMuse said...

a sort of clue is that each pair has something in common. that actually helped us with number 8. the war movie isn't apocolypse now (so we guessed), but another one, and the audio is from the same director!
we also guessed a different one for number 7! Well, david guessed. I definitely haven't seen that movie, whatever it is haha.

EruditeChick said...

sleepless in seattle/ dial m for murder

american beauty/grease

beign john malkovich/


west side story/gangs of new york

tomcruise??/oliver twist??

mighty ducks/clerks

no country for old men/???

The Danifesto said...

#2 the audio is Grease? They said something about Hand Jive?

Castling said...

8. Full Metal Jacket/Clockwork Orange

that was the easiest for Kubrick freaks like me.