Saturday, January 10, 2009

Io9 Talks Geeky Actors

Io9 just wrote a terrific piece profiling actors who get Fandom, because they're geeks themselves or because without being a geek, they are still awesome and non-judgmental. I was thrilled to see this list because I've witnessed actors being in convention environments for my entire life. Literally. And can confirm first hand that Io9 is on the money here. All the actors they named absolutely love coming to Comic Con and know how to bring the house down on a panel, especially Nathan Fillion, who I had the pleasure of drunkenly professing this truth to at last years EW party. I believe the conversation went something like this:

LQM: Omg I'm so drunk and you are the best on panels ever and I've seen a lot of panels. I'm really drunk. You are even better than Hugh Jackman! DRRUUNKKK

NF: Thank you and here is a lovely story about Hugh Jackman! I met his brother once, and he told his son to "give him a kiss" him meaning me and it was weird and hilarious and they are Australian, but my Australian accent sounds French because I know that will make you laugh and I'm an entertainer and also the coolest person ever

NF's Friend: Nathan, someone needs you

NF: Must go, nice to meet you!

LQM: I'M SO DRUNK I LOVE YOU...(exclaimed in my thoughts)

I forget the point of this post

Ah yes, Io9 is magical and got it right. There are a few, however, that I'd like to add to the list - find out who they are after the jump!

Zachary Levi & Joshua Gomez

These guys from Chuck are 100% self-professed geeks. Levi has readily admitted to Wii injuries aplenty and at July's TCAs, he was showing off his iPhone lightsaber like it was his job and he just got a promotion with three times the bonuses and a corner office facing the empire state building. (What...?) The above clip features Gomez & Levi arguing over who would win in a fight, Godzilla or Voltron. They're fantastic on panels and in Q&As and took a walk around Comic Con's dealer's room when no one was looking. I'm hoping at this year's SDCC, someone asks these two what their favorite comic books are so we can see how truly deep the geekdom goes.

Seth Green

The original, the classic, the master of cool geeks - Seth Green. I remember first encountering Seth at Comic Con when I was 12 or 13. He was there ostensibly for the Buffy Season 3 panel, but he didn't simply come and go for it like most of the other actors did. He stuck around for the whole event and has continued to grace San Diego with his presence ever since. I seem to remember finding out at some point that he had been attending Comic Con well before he was a well known face, but the internets isn't helping me find anything to back that up. Also helping Seth's geek cred - he has made his mark in many different fannish fields, as actor, creator & talking head. He's always hilarious and always knows what he's talking about. The best part of Seth Green? As a fan, he knows what it's like for fans to meet the people they admire, so don't be afraid to go up and chat with him. He's extremely humble and knows that really, he's one of us.

Hugh Jackman

While not a big geek himself, Jackman couldn't judge a person if he tried. Eternally sweet and eager to please, Jackman's become a Comic Con staple, attending whenever he can. This year he surprised the fans with some Wolverine footage and took the time to acknowledge & shake the hand of Wolverine creator, Len Wein. He owns the stage and enjoys every second he's on it. He loves interacting with the fans and absolutely gets it. While many actors wouldn't see the importance of flying across the country to promote their film at a comic book convention, Jackman gets it - and when an actor gets it, fans take notice. Unfortunately if Fox keeps up this Watchmen nonsence, who knows how Wolverine will fare opening weekend.

Eva Mendes

I can hear you asking "hrmm?" and I understand. But while I am by no means an Eva Mendes fan and I haven't even seen most of the movies she's come to Comic Con for (Ghost Rider, The Spirit, among others), that girl LOVES her some geeks. Any excuse she can find to be on a panel, she'll be there. Maybe she just likes the unbridled attention, but we can't judge her for that. So many actresses have come to Comic Con and been wholly unimpressive due to the terror they feel at the thought of encountering fanboys - See Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kristin Stewart, almost every actor of the female persuasion. But Eva Mendes eats it up and the crowd loves her for it.

Rosario Dawson

The female counterpart to Seth Green in terms of cool geeks. She too attends Comic Con pretty much every year and dabbles in various geek facets, some of the most recent being creating her comic book, the Occult Crimes Taskforce and lending her voice to the new Wonder Woman cartoon. She is always eager to talk about her geekdom and has rightly earned her place in the geek chic pantheon. Though take note, I'm not a huge fan of hers, by any means, but I gotta respect the fellow fangirl.

Honorable Mentions: The casts of Firefly (all of em), Battlestar Galactica & Heroes (minus the girls, but especially Adrian Pasdar & Greg Grunberg)