Wednesday, January 21, 2009

90210 Episode 14 Semi-Live Blogging [Loss of 12 Fangirl Points]

Facey McFacerson

In an attempt to distract myself waiting for david to come home so we can watch Lost, I'm gonna watch 90210 and Top Chef. My options are limited when I'm sick and refuse to leave my bed to put in a dvd, okay? But also, Top Chef is awesome. Don't hate.


Damn, this school takes their plays oddly seriously. Egyptian decorations everywhere? Really?

Token gay extra! Is that the same one from 3 episodes ago?

Hot teacher is so cute! Aw lookit how he references Dead Poets Society even though he's 23 and that's so a movie of the generation before his. Before mine. OH GOD IM TURNING 23 NEXT WEEK. Okay, personal moment over.

Awkward encounter between Kelly & Hot Teacher. Okay.

Apparently Dixon is still being passive aggressive. Sigh.

Eyu, and Shenae Grimes still does nothing but make faces

Always thought she would play Cleopatra eventually? Is anyone buying that?

New drama teacher...a little weird...we'll see...ehhh she clicked when she winked. Over it.

Don't ask the bad actor to audition for Shakespeare, please. I don't even wanna THINK about Dustin Mulligan attempting Shakespeare. It makes my chest hurt.

Yes, Adrianna is correct for Cleopatra. Annie is not.

"No, because you're pregnant, remember?"

Naomi, while generally less stupid looking, is still pretty stupid looking

Sucks for Silver! Damn, Mr Matthews is hot. You tell her! You tell her good. NO LEARNING FOR YOU, SILVER.

Why is Naomi wearing that? What IS that? I know it's white and I know it's long and I know it's squiggly. Oh and ugly. Very very ugly. Please stop wearing that. Then again, where would I be without Naomi's horrible outfits. (see below)

"You called in the Guidance Counselor? The frickin' Guidance Counselor?" Slash, does Kelly like, interact with any other students? Cause it seems to me she spends A LOT of time leaving school to talk to Adrianna about her problems. Don't schools have rules against these kinds of things? My guidance counselor told me how to get into NYU. Thaaaat's about it.

This all feels a little after school special to me

Naomi is SO offended by Kelly suggesting that Adrianna has the baby that she gets really really pouty!!!

Could Dixon secretly be talking about something else when he says he's talking about Mr. Matthews? Could it be?

Silver doesn't get it. Haven't we established that she's smarter than this? Oh well.

Oh hai, I'm a lady! I'm on your table! Oh hai, I'm Naomi, I have big hair! I restyled it between school and home!

Adrianna doesn't care what anyone says! Know how I know? She is still drinking coffee and eating candy omg!!!

She almost kills herself driving all night somewhere random and that's scary, so she turns around. Yawn.

Do you know ANY other teen who wears something like that to bed? The answer is no. Naomi, get some real pajamas.

Is Jessica Stroup especially pretty in this episode? (see right)

Haha what's funny is that that's probably how Dustin Mulligan would read Shakespeare in real life too!

Thaaaat's sleazy, Ty. Her boyfriend is right there. Gross.

Also, only lame theater kids rehearse in the hallway. Again - gross.

Adrianna GETS OUT OF A CAR. For a walk-in abortion? Erm. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. But okay.

Do they keep using the same establishing shot of the school?

No callbacks? For a school that can afford the rights to Spring Awakening? Lies.

Omg Shenae Face. Face face face. Here's a face, here's a face, here's a face. FACE FACE.

Ty insults Annie very unprofessionally. But Annie sucks at life, so I don't mind.

I didn't know high schools hired 23 year old teachers. Isn't that, like, asking for trouble? Also, I was pretty sure they hired him to play older...considering his love interests have been Kelly & Brenda, who are well into their 30s. This just got really pathetic for Kelly.

Kelly has a good point. Read Silver's paper, sexy teacher! Gosh, you're sexy.

In New York, you can't be late. Do they also not have callbacks in New York? Is that why you're conveniently skipping that portion of the casting process?

DO IT, ADRIANNA. You rock that shit.

3 lines? Really? Anticlimactic much? But clearly she's better than Annie.

Dixon hates Silver now. Cause he is a passive aggressive idiot who doesn't know how to handle his feelings. I'm over this storyline. Hopefully Mom can make Dixon over it too.

I just tuned out. What's happening? She is saying buy Silver flowers? Oh no, she is saying, talk about your feelings.

She just had to drive. ... Okay.

This chick can access her emotions very easily. I likes her. Adrianna. Not Naomi. Though Naomi looks kinda pretty in the firelight! Good work, cinematographer & gaffers!

Did she get an abortion? Oh god, she's having the baby? Really? OMG, ITS NOT POSSIBLE? ILLEGAL ALREADY? Didn't see that coming. Aw, now I'm sad for her. Wait, is that accurate? How far along is she? She isn't showing at all yet. That can't be right. Can I get a fact check?

You know, Naomi has a point, he is actually a really terrible father

Silver's so pretty! Still too skinny. Better than when the show began though. I like seeing a little bit of arm fat on that one.

Silver and hot teacher should do it. I don't care if it's an overdone storyline. Do it!!


Okay, if Ethan made it in the show, this school's theater program has zero credibility. No callbacks should have been the first clue.

How does Adrianna make her bangs be side bangs AND not side bangs?! I didn't know people could do that! I'm having a girlie hair moment.

Kelly is way too buddy buddy with them. Sitting together? At lunch? Come on.

Adrianna has to drop out of the show now though, right? You can't have a pregnant Cleopatra...

Is the father Ty?! Methinks yes! I find myself enjoying where this storyline may go. Potentially.

Annie is being lame. Ethan does that side smile weird thing. One of two faces he makes. It's okay, Annie makes enough for the two of them.

Is hot teacher gonna date the new teacher? Boring.

I'm pretty hot teacher could have talked to new teacher about curriculum at school...he has no reason to be there. Stop.

Why is Silver there?! Why is Dixon there?! Isn't this a cast and crew party?! Is she stage managing again? Way to not spread the responsibility around, West Beverly. By the way, this place would never host a party for teenagers anyway. Also there is no Egyptian restaurant near Hollywood & Highland. Just so we're all on the same page.

Break up! Ack! Makes no sense, but I like it! Now Silver can have an affair with hot teacher!

"Duck back to my hotel." Yes, beautiful, indeed.

Baby daddy alert! Yeah, you'll prob have to talk to him when you become all noticeably pregnant...which will happen...

EYU REVELATION. Annie is like those girls at my high school who dropped out of the musical when they didn't get the lead. Except WORSE because she STILL got a part.

Oh good, she realizes she is kind of an idiot for being upset

Eth? Eth is not a nickname. Incorrect.

OMG ARE THEY KILLING ETHAN OFF THE SHOW?! PLEASE BE MY GUEST. Slash that crash was really random and not at all intense like I suspect it should have been. Lesson to all - don't answer your cell phone while driving.

Bottom line - this episode was way better than last week's exercise in stupidity. While still nowhere near the land of good, I'm into a couple of the storylines and am looking forward to seeing Jessica Stroup get all cray cray sad next week. Real acting! Huzzah!


TV Whore said...

Apparently, Shanae Grimes broke her hip (in real life) during sex.

Whata ho.

(This information comes from an exclusive Canadian source)

LoquaciousMuse said...

ohmygod i hate her so much