Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wondercon, Here We Come!

I think I've finally come to terms with Didi Benami getting kicked off American Idol this week and thusly can bring myself to post again. Argh. Stupid American Idol. Now we have to hear Tim Urban butcher the Lennon/McCartney songbook. I hope he sings Run for your Life, Bossa Nova style. Because he would, the idiot. But more on that Monday when you'll see the return of ATFG's Idol Song Suggestion posts.

On to more important matters - WONDERCON!

Both Eruditechick and Scarletscribe will be in attendance, covering the bejesus out of the thing for you from their uniquely lady perspective. Plus it looks like Scarletscribe will be moderating the Happy Town panel on Saturday! A very special fangirl treat indeed. Definitely follow those two lovely gals on Twitter for a constant stream of Wondercon goodness.

I don't know yet if I will be going, but I have prepared a back-up plan where I will be texted throughout the Con with happenings, insider info & backstage fun that I will then relay to my loyal Tweeps, so I can still be involved, even if I'm stuck in Los Angeles, house-sitting...don't get me started.

Eruditechick's most anticipated events include Kevin Smith, Peter S Beagle & the cast of Chuck. Scarletscribe's? The first episode of Doctor Who featuring the NEW DOCTOR, Sunday's Buffy Musical Sing a Long and Disney's panel (featuring Prince of Persia, Sorceror's Apprentice & Toy Story 3) & viral marketing (Tron: Legacy?! We hope?!)
Me? I'm looking forward to Warner Brothers w/ the entire cast of the Losers, the Kick Ass screening (if I'm in San Francisco, I'll be first in line) and THE DEALERS ROOM.