Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prince of Persia/Sorcerer's Apprentice = FUN YES PLEASE

I've been ridiculously excited for both Prince of Persia & Sorcerer's Apprentice for a while now. Persia because adventure movies = life and Apprentice because the last time Nic Cage & Disney got together, we got the national treasures that are National Treasure 1 & 2. Greatest movies ever? Maybe. And based the footage that was shown at Wondercon today, it seems both films will live up to expectations.

The footage from Persia was very reminiscent, for me, of Assassin's Creed 2, since I just spent 30 hours of my life climbing walls, perching on buildings and pulling bad guys off of ledges. Obviously these are all also elements from the PoP video game and I'm LOVING that the action sequences immediately make you feel like you're in a game. Plus Jake is so pretty. As one audience member pointed out after asking a question, marking one of the panel's most delightful moments. We also got a taste of the relationship between Jake's prince & Gemma's princess character. At first, they're trying to kill each other, but fittingly, they end up falling in love instead. Sure their scene had a little cheese, but HELLO, it's a Disney adventure movie, I expect cheese or I'm disappointed.

Important to note however - Mike Newell let us know that the tone of the movie is not tongue in cheek, but rather takes the genre very seriously. He also noted that he's tried to play the game, but is absolutely "hopeless" at it, always falling on the revolving knives.

Some fun tidbits learned at the panel:

-The sets & environments in the film are 3/4 REAL, which is actually quite huge for a movie like that nowadays. Jake also did as many stunts as he possibly could, loving the fact that he was forced to get tan & muscley for the role.
- The beginnings of the game were formed out of its creator, Jordan Mechner, filming his brother running up walls in bulky pajama pants
- If Jake Gyllenhaal could go back in time, it would be to his birth. Did I mention...he's really cute?

We filmed a bunch of the panel that you can check out for yourself below! Personally, I'm excited.

All I really got to see of Sorcerer's Apprentice was the first clip but ZOMG, Nic Cage was genius in it. He is just a genius. He can do no wrong. NO WRONG. Only genius. The clip featured the first time Nic Cage's Sorcerer meets his apprentice. Alfred Molina is accidentally let loose, there's some magical action, and the clip ends with the promise of seeing the boy again in 10 years, in the form of Jay Baruchel.

Prince of Persia Panel Snippets - Jake starts around 5:50 mark