Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol Top 7 - Let's Just Call It For Crystal Now, Yeah?

Wow. Well that was a terrible episode of Idol, wasn't it? Thank god Lost and Glee were in top form tonight. Damnit, Idol.

Casey James - Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac
Sigh. He's cute, but the performance is boring and the same old same old. He sounds good, he looks good and his guitar is awesome, but I always just think about Back to the Future when I see when perform now. Thanks Huey Lewis song. Except when he sang Jealous Guy. Do that again.
Step backwards.
Randy - Complains we see the same thing every week, needs something else, something different
Ellen - Great guitar playing, you have to be GREAT and he is consistently good but no one will be talking about that tomorrow
Kara - Praises Jealous Guy. Calls tonight's performance "Jam Band," making himself like everyone else, but she still believes in him
Simon - Didn't think it was inspiring, zero emotion, just stood there & sang the song pretty much like the original. Lazy song choice

Lee Dewyze - The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel
Lee's high in honor of 4/20! What, he's not? Oh, that's just how he always looks? Cool. Our room got quite nervous when we heard he was The Boxer, cause we love this song. His vocal is all over the place, but you can tell he loves the song, which is kind of sweet. So I didn't hate it. Does anyone else get the impression that he doesn't have a lot of experience with women? Just saying. He has virginal face. Hmm. He's kinda hot. But that's neither here nor there. OR IS IT?
Step sideways - backwards for me, forwards for the judges
Randy - This season, the show is about artists and he's a great artist ready to make great music
Ellen - Beautiful song choice, soul & depth to him that we are seeing more and more of, better and better from him
Kara - Thinks he had his "moment" tonight. (We don't agree.) Advice - keep picking things you connect to
Simon - Best performance of the night! Of two. ... Sincere, emotional, inspirational, made it sound like it was written a week ago, absolutely brilliant

Tim Urban - Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls
My is he pretty. Oh the notes that are off! Look at them go! I thought it worked for like a half second, but then he went back to being classic Tim, full of suck again. Valiant effort, sure, but his voice JUST ISN'T THAT GOOD.
Step backwards
Randy - Okay/good karaoke, didn't do anything with it
Ellen - Have liked his soup before, but didn't today
Kara - Found lane, he's in it, but a new Tim, but where he belongs (what are you saying?) but execution wasn't great but sometimes commercial but wasn't his best performance
Simon - If this was his first performance, they'd be quite impressed. Confused about who he is and thinks this week was a step too high, but he has improved over the weeks. But a little bit of a letdown.

Aaron Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly
I laughed when he first came on camera to sing. I laughed out loud. Because he looks little and silly and I want him to go home. He starts out sounding pretty shitty, then it gets moderately less shitty, technically, in some points, but WOW don't I care. Ugh. Just go home already. Poor man's David Archeleta INDEED.He could sing your face off, High School Student Aaron Kelly. Best part is the end, but it's still an annoying karaoke stupid arrangement poop.
Step backwards UCK
Randy - Good job with a giant song
Ellen - Big voice, tough song, handled it real good [sic]
Kara - Hit it in the middle and got it flying, by the end, he got there
Simon - A MAN OF REASON. Knowing him, liking him, having the guts to take the song on, he gave it his all. But in the real world, if it came on the radio, he would turn it off in 10 seconds cause it wasn't very good. He kind of made it good.

Siobhan Magnus - When You Believe by...don't know don't care but Mariah and Whitney sang it TOGETHER so WHY are you singing it. She explains that she just wanted to sing it, so why should she stop herself just because Whitney and Mariah sang it. Look. I saw the list of song choices this week and there were MUCH better options than this stupid ass song. She sings it half on, half off, all awkward. I loved Siobhan, so I don't wanna give up hope yet and her high notes were gorgeous. But...oh that was just awful. Who IS she as an artist?
Step backwards
Randy - Arguably picked the toughest song of the night. Was okay.
Ellen - More confirmation why she's here
Kara - Technically, really well sung, but it's not a musical and it started to feel very dramatic and starts to feel like she'd rather hang out with her than buy her record
Simon - Not the right song, old fashioned arrangement, too much happening too quickly, doesn't like the leaves/butterflies. (Siobhan rambles on about not being afraid of singing the song and blah blah, get better please NOW)

Michael Lynche - Hero by Nickelback
LOVE the opening with Big Mike and the guitar! This is nice! I love his voice and it's refreshing to hear someone actually hit all the notes! WOW!!! This is very Seal, isn't it? The cord progression even reminds me of Kissed by a Rose.
Step sideways - Didn't improve, didn't get worse
Randy - Was nervous for him, but it worked out
Ellen - Did a great job
Kara - Not her favorite performance, all over the place, song was unrecognizable
Simon - Sang it pretty well, but why did he sing about Spiderman? (Love Big Mike's reaction to all of this) Thought he was sensational last week, so this week didn't quite gel, but thinks he will stick around to next week

Crystal Bowersox - People Get Ready by The Impressions
Damn this girl is ballsy. A Capella opening followed by BAM in your face SINGING, actually ditching an instrument and just fuckin going for it. I mean, yeah, there's no question, let's just give her the trophy now and spend the rest of the reason creating fun duets, combining seasons. Or just invite Kris Allen back to be dreamy, siiiiiigh. Oh also, the ending emotion was effing awesome and proved me right that the clips from their performances are from dress rehearsal, kthxbye
Step Forward
Randy - That is how you do it, unbelievable, standing O
Ellen - Have never looked more beautiful, keep evolving and growing and getting better and better (ZOMG she brought her own mic stand from home!)
Kara - Thanks her for taking a risk, on another level tonight, schooled all the other contestants
Simon - THAT was inspirational. Happy to see her emotional cause she has closed down, but they all felt that the song meant something to her and she sang it fantastically, in a different class from everything else they heard tonight

Only *one* step forward tonight. Wow. Good work, guys. I'm disgusted with myself for even watching this show at this point.

Top Three

Bottom Three

Who do I WANT to go home? Aaron. I'll also accept Tim. Who do I think WILL go home? I fear a surprise early exit from either Casey or Siobhan. I feel like Crystal, Mike and Lee are safe. We're really getting to it at this point - your guess is as good as mine.

Grade Em!
Crystal A
Mike B
Lee C+
Casey C
Siobhan C
Tim C-
Aaron Kelly D...I really fuckin hate this kid


Unknown said...

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Ashley said...

I always think about Back to the Future, too!

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