Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Are Of Peace, Always [#IdontbelieveyouVs!]

Nice try, Anna. But when I went to VisitorAmbassadors.com, I chose to be on the side of the Resistance. Thanks for the I Heart V Shirt & button though. The shirt is soft and is actually my size. You aliens know how to please a girl! That...doesn't mean what it sounds like it means. Anyhoo, thanks for trying, but I'ma destroy you aliens. FLYNN LIVES! I mean JOHN MAY LIVES!

This package was so neat, I've decided to give V another chance. But I'm really sick of watching shows that are gonna get canceled, Flash Forward,  so if I commit to watching V, it can't get canceled, or I'm gonna be really upset.


Mel Got Served said...

I really wanted to like V, but after the long hiatus and really not keeping me that entertained in the initial go-round, I stopped watching about halfway through the last episode. I don't find myself routing for the characters and the overall mythology hasn't grasped my attention either. If I had to pick one of the other, at least I am interested in FlashForward's mythology and the flashforward angle of it (but again, their characters are all pretty unlikable too- except Bryce!).

L. Muse said...

Which is Bryce? I like Lloyd Simcoe! Mostly cause his name is Lloyd Simcoe. And I like Jack Davenport. I like the existence of Penny & Charlie also, the same way I like the existence of Juliet on V. I don't need to know what their characters names are on those shows.

I'm gonna give V another shot and see if anything sticks. I'm in the process of giving up on Flash Forward now that I hear it's getting canceled. If it gets picked up for next season, I'll catch up.

Mel Got Served said...

Bryce is Penny's brother, who is the doctor with cancer.

Lloyd Simcoe is a really awesome name.

After last night's twist, Flash Forward has me hooked again. Much like 24, there's the government's prerequisite mole and I had my suspicions. The reveal blew my mind!