Tuesday, April 27, 2010

M.I.A. is Not Messing Around [NSFW]

M.I.A.'s new video for Born Free (the first single off her upcoming, untitled album) is seriously disturbing. And you seriously need to watch it. Although the video is not any more graphic than many of the films we review on this blog, I still need to warn you that it's not easy to watch.

Having lived in both a Western nation and a war-torn country (Sri Lanka), M.I.A.'s music has always reflected her own hybrid identity. Her music has always been political but her music videos have never been so graphic or blatant in their political statements, until now. Please follow the link below to watch Born Free. Also, the track (which is great too) is now available for download on iTunes. You can read more about M.I.A.'s new video and her recent Twitter escapades here.

Watch The Video

Editor's Note: The video was pulled from YouTube this morning due to its graphic violence, but here it is from Vimeo



Survey Seeker said...

Shows the USA in an extremely bad light, and sadly unless so form of balance of power is struck in the USA this could eventually happen.

After all, at the moment what could normal citizens do to stop it if they did start acting like that/

Pure socialism could stop this with the idea that all are equal. Citizens have equal authority and force to prevent administrative government from causing horrors like this.

Socialism could also deal with WMD's after all you don't want your neighbor having a WMD do you? Since you don't and all are equal then the government and military can't have them either.

Think about it. Is our so called freedom in America really free? Or is it a tool to control us by those who obviously have way more power than the average person?

vainlylillian said...

Does anyone have an explanation or a link to one for the video I just watched. 'Cause, seriously- I make it a point not to read too deeply into things, but I'm a proud ginger and that terrified me. Where was it set and does this represent a place or event I should be worried about? (joking, but not)I'd love to help promote awareness, which is apparently what MIA is attempting to do. What's really weird, is I was googling how much a John Weitz watch was worth when I found the link to this. But All Things Fangirl and MIA both just earned a new fan.