Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm not a Stephenie Meyer fan but I'm generally apathetic about her existence. But I do get super annoyed when I discover things we have in common. Like that we both have degrees in Literature. Or how we both want Henry Cavill but will settle for Robert Pattinson because OMG THEY'RE BOTH SO BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVES THEM BUT HENRY IS MINE SO BACK OFF STEPH. But I digress...

So I get a little crazy when I'm reminded about our shared interests. Like the other day I freaked out when I got an official MUSE email about a new song they've released called Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) for the f-ing ECLIPSE SOUNDTRACK! EWWWWWWWGROSS. And you know why MUSE has a song on ALL the Twilight soundtracks? Because f-ing Stephenie Meyer is a huge fan. UGH WTF I'M A HUGE FAN TOO! I hate that she loves one of MY favorite bands and that she was listening to them while writing her Twilight poop. And I really hate that MUSE's songs are on the Twipoop soundtracks!

Nonetheless, I downloaded this new MUSE song aka the first single off of the Eclipse soundtrack (vomit). And you know what? It kinda sucks!!! The song sounds like a really bad b-side to MUSE's last album The Resistance. And that was an amazing album because MUSE is almost always awesome. So I'll blame the sucky song on Stephenie and not them. Siiigh. Ok, my rant is done. But may I digress once more?