Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee-Cap: Rachel, it's not you, it's me, except that it's also you.

Hey there fangirls!

I've been doing Glee-Caps over at my blog The Mystery of Girls' Media and could not be more excited to be syndicating them here at All Things Fangirl. You may remember me from EruditeChick's interview here (and also here). My whole thing is talking about fans and girls and girl fans and what media teaches girls and women and also, being a devoted fangirl and supporting the things that make me jump up and down and squee with geeky delight.

Here's what you missed on the Glee-caps:
----Cue the Music----
Glee-is-a-show-on-Fox-where-a-bunch-of-high-school-kids-join-glee-club. They-spontaneously-burst-into-song-and-dance-numbers. It's-really-entertaining-and-even-when-it-makes-me-angry...
I-HAVE-to-watch-it, I-mean-HAVE-TO-total-fangirl-compulsion. 

So, even-though-the-guys-are-kinda-Mary-Sues-and-the-girls-ride-a-little-close-to-high-school-show-stereotypes-I-like-them-and-feel-like-its-worth-watching. 

-to-yell-at-the-show, and-you-know-this-hugely-successful-TV-show-is-listening
-so-now-that-there-are-TWO BLOGS-where-I'm-taking-it-to-task, 

And that's what you missed last time on the Glee-Cap!

On this week's episode, Laryngitis...

 Rachel Berry, it's not you, it's me, except that it's also you.

For the record I think Lea Michelle is great, and also, I get that weird theatre kid thrill up my spine when she is singing. But, I seriously can barely stand the character of Rachel when she's not singing.
And to be fair, that's part of the point of her character:
"What if he says I'll never sing again?
What will become of me? Without my voice I'm just another spoiled annoying only child..."
"I'm sure he won't say you'll never sing again."
She's entirely and completely about her goals, becoming a famous singer is her unquestioned destiny and to get there she is willing to uncover any obstacle. She is talented, completely single-minded, and even uses MySpace– obsession if I've ever seen it, but yeah, in the first episode it said she updated with video weekly, WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS, FOX???? lame, but I digress. She has many positive traits, including knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she is annoying and single-minded.
"I am like Tinkerbell, Finn, I need applause to live."
This episode only served to highlight these aspects of her character. And, like Tracey Flick in Election, Rachel proves that despite horrible personality flaws, sincere commitment to one's goals can pay off if you have an innate talent for that goal. Also, what she learned in this episode, "that you can be more than one thing" that there's more to Rachel than being a singer.

True, she's also bossy. She's really unpleasant to people around her, all the time. Seriously. She orders people around, puts them down, is really a jerk. Kudos that you know you're a jerk, Rachel, but you're still a jerk.  And being a jerk is just, no way to go through life.

A big part of why I don't like you, Rachel, is because I'm out of high school, I've been out in the world a while, and I'm certain you would appeal to me if I were younger. You're aspirational and cool, and can belt a bit and clearly have a heart...

but yeah, you're also a jerk. Remember last week, when you used three guys to try and seem cool, two of which actually like you and now no one seems to remember that and the two guys still seem to be really into you? You lie, you are so self-absorbed you are usually the last person to realize a piece of juicy gossip, but how many times have you run into the glee club room to share that gossip as soon as you find it out? at least 5.

Generally, I think a character who lies, gossips, etc... is interesting, but is only really interesting when there are consequences for their actions. So far, Rachel's karmic calendar has a huge event coming up, like, Eyjafjallajökull level. Losing your voice and having the cute guy you like take you to the doctor and sing a song about you while your boyfriend is in San Diego does not cut it, Glee

Also this week:

Quinn rocked it, talking to Mercedes about Puck, let's talk about that because that was great. She was totally honest and if someone was keeping me from bacon, I too would not be able to handle conversations about "How Super-Mario Changed Civilization."

Also, I want to call you out, Glee, for framing Mercedes' story almost completely around a guy. At least you kinda gave Rachel some agency this week, but yeah, work on that. 

Honorable mention also has to go to Puck for being amazingly, hilariously desperate for attention throughout the episode. To the point of seriously borderline humor, a charming Sammy Davis Jr. homage, and to Mercedes for shutting him down because she's obviously above all that.

"I'm like a sex shark, if I stop moving, I die"

And so, because I ramble, I'm stopping here. Step it up with the consequences, Glee, you've set up the pins, now knock them down.

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Tune in next week for NPH. OMG OMG OMG. Excellent.
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EruditeChick said...

I think my cat is reading my diary.

But I agree, the total lack of far-reaching consequences is one of the biggest drawbacks of Glee, in my eyes.

And I know he's not a lady, but Adorable Gay Kid deserves his own whole post because he was fucking ROCKSOME this episode.

Caitlin Burns said...

Agreed, everything IS coming up Kurt.

Caitlin Burns said...
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Garrett said...

How could she not mention Santana? I'm incensed. INCENSED!

LoquaciousMuse said...

Fantastic episode, fantastic recap!

This was one of the most quotable episodes yet and I LOVED that the musical numbers were so spread out between the cast members. Mercedes & Santana singing the Boy Is Mine?! Kurt doing Rose's Turn?! Puck with Lady is a Tramp?! Between the great numbers, hilarious one-liners and MOAR BRITTANY, I almost didn't notice the total lack of consequences from last week's Rachel-faux-pas. Hopefully that will be revisited soon. If not, I don't mind as long as they keep bringing the funny and the show stoppers.

Next week. Will be. So full of win.

Caitlin Burns said...

In Fairness Garrett, I plan to give a lot of page time to Santana & Brittney, I just didn't have time to this week.