Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Top 4 - Duets FTW!

What a strange evening. A bunch of mediocre solo performance and randomly awesome duets. I mean, no one brought the house down Adam/Allison Slow Ride style, but they did a pretty damn good job. 

Lee Dewyze - Kiss From A Rose
From the moment the song starts, I wish it was just him and the guitar and no stupid backing band ugh. No longer in it to win it, Lee? Oooh, but someone got tan this week. Not the best he's ever sounded either. Better in the chorus at least. Stop fucking up your moment, Lee. UGH. I'm annoyed. 
Randy - For him, he did nothing with the song, was just okay, pitchy in spots, was just okay
Ellen - Could have been more done with the song. That being said, Lee is so good and sang the song so well. 
Kara - Had a great week last week, everyone loves him, but one of the most difficult songs to sing, and he got lost by using the backing band, but he is still great
Simon - So many brilliant movies, songs and opportunities to find a song and make it original, that was verging on karaoke

Michael Lynche - Will You Be There
Most people should never touch an MJ song, but actually Mike can totally pull this off. His voice is good enough and I always feel like every song he sings is distinctly Big Mike. Damn, he has a great voice. One of our viewing party says that arrangement wasn't right for the song. I'm not a fan of most of Big Mike's arrangements, but you can't deny the quality of his voice.
Randy - Doesn't quite know what's going on tonight. Didn't love it for him, wanted an R&B song. Just all right.
Ellen - Was a fan of the choir. His goal should be to win, not be in the top three. Consistently good, always sounds good, was just a little bit predictable.
Kara - Wanted something more like Ready for Love or Woman's Work. She wants goosebumps tonight. Didn't feel that from him and knows he has more. Wants him to go back to those moments.
Simon - At least he gave it 100% and kinda felt that he meant it

Lee & Crystal Duet - Falling Slowly
Ok, kind of loving it. Yeah. I'm loving it. Wish they were interacting with each other more or one was at the piano like in the movie, but whatever, I'm into it. YES. Downloading it.
Randy - Great song by two great singers, could be a hit right now, amazing. That's how you do it.
Ellen - The new Captain and Tenille. God that was great!
Kara - One of her favorite moments of the entire season. Loved the interaction, the chemistry, the support, brought out the best in each other
Simon - A fantastic song (but...they didn't write it, Simon)

Casey James - Mrs Robinson
Oh god, please be good and don't use the backing band. MANDOLIN?! Effing awesome. Still has goat bleat, but ITS A FUCKIN MANDOLIN. Loving his take on this. Bleating aside. Good idea, good execution!
Randy - Starts making jokes about how the song is about Kara. Thought he sounded cool, wasn't jumping up and down, cool, laid back version of the song.
Ellen - Liked that he did something different, was hoping he went further, but liked that he changed it up, really smart, liked it
Kara - For her, this is him fighting to stay in the competition, cause he has difficulty being vulnerable and up front. Good choice. 
Simon - Personally, didn't think the song or the performance had the substance required on this important night, a little bit lazy. Could have made more of an impact. Gonna be tough. But have been some strange song choices tonight and that was one of them.

Crystal Bowersox - I'm All Right
This is already awesome. Love her. Oh god, do I need to vote tonight? I just want Crystal to win, that's all I really care about at this point. She gets so into it and is so good and come on, is the only real artist this season, let's be honest. Bongos breakdown! Badass. 
Randy - Definitely an artist. Wasn't his favorite performance, but she switched it up, made it fit her
Ellen - That just got Crystalized! Took the song and made it better.
Kara - Completely agree w/ Ellen. Made the song better, ARTIST.
Simon - Crystal is back in the game. 

Casey & Mike Duet - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Casey doing the solo, awesome. Everyone playing a guitar tonight! How do the judges get to watch this? Odd. Mike sounds good. Damn. Yeah, he can out-sing Casey in his sleep. Harmony! Yay! Casey is so good at the guitar! Loves it! I MAY download this, it's possible. Very possible. That was cool!
Randy - Sounded really good, nice one
Ellen - Lesbian joke! Awesome!
Kara - Duets tonight were incredible. Better than all of the solos, was great.
Simon - Duets should have artist t shirts, a million times better than the solos, really well done

Favorite: Crystal

Least Favorite: Lee

Want to go home: Casey

Prediction for going home: Mike (but hope not!)

Crystal B+
Casey B-
Mike B-
Lee C
Crystal/Lee A-
Casey/Mike B