Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Best Show This Week (11/1)

As some of you may know, I watch 26 shows, not including ones currently off air (i.e. Lost, Chuck, True Blood). That's A LOT of television. I've done the precise math - 22 minutes per sitcom and 44 minutes per drama and it comes out to 16 hours of television a week.

Of these 26 shows, a few always seem to rise to the top every week & stake their claim as the best. So I've decided that every week, I'll post my nomination for best show of the week. (It should be noted - this honor goes to the episode every week that stands out as the best one of its series so far this season, not necessarily the best compared to every other show. Modern Family every week is better than most other shows, but it'll only end up here when it airs its best episode yet :). )

This week belongs to 30 Rock, Season 4, Episode 4: Audition Day

Perfectly written & executed and featuring stellar work from just about everyone in the entire cast, Audition Day had me laughing at loud over & over. Some of my favorite bits -

Tracy calling Jenna "Jennifer M."

Luggage Store Jenna

"The new cast member is evil, Tracy!"
"The new cast member is Evil Tracy?!"

"What play is that?"

The myriad of inside NYC subway jokes including "Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen, sorry to bother you, my name is Jack...I'm not a drug addict...god bless you and have a good day."


Brian Williams

Kathy pulling a Susan Boyle

Tracy & Jenna's adventure to find funny people on the streets of New York City, especially Belandra? I wanna say?

"I only have the one pair and I sleep in them!"

"Was describing your sandwich necessary to our understanding what happened?"

"Is that the opposite of prevail?"

"Hey Dot Com, Nice to meet you."
"Why would he say that to me??"

The Jayden Michael Tyler switcharoo. Jenna was right!

"Oh no! What is wrong with them?!"

"He's crazy, we can't hire him!"
"Who, Brian Williams?"

"We are hiring the robot. On the show. To act."

Watch the episode for yourself below!

Other fantastic bits of TV this week include Mad Men's brilliant penultimate episode for season 3, The Grown-Ups & Flash Forward's bit of a game changer in episode 7, The Gift.


genjadeshade said...

Not a Supernatural fan? Because they probably aired one of their best episodes to date this week.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Supernatural is not one of my 26!!! I've heard I'd love it. Eruditechick is catching up right now so at least one member of the team will know :)

Konoko Bailey said...

i LOVED(!) this epo!!
that bit in the subway w/ jack had me rolling! tho i fear the jokes were lost on non-NY natives/ visitors.
and jenna being right...never saw that coming. lol

i think i'm in love with tina fey's mind. (is that normal?)