Tuesday, November 24, 2009

90210 Semi Live Blogging "To Thine Own Self Be True"

No 90210 on tonight, so to hold us over until next week, here's last week's Semi Live Blogging!

Previously on 90210

Naomi is a lying ho who cant get into college

Jasper is a drug dealer, despite claiming he isn't, but is REALLY intense about making sure he gets caught in that lie. WHY.

Annie & Jasper did it. Blech.

Silver's mom died and now we have to watch her cry and stuff. Buh.

And now for this week's episode!

Episode 10: To Thine Own Self Be True

Live blogging after the jump!

Silver's mom is taken to the ER. Silver runs and her face gets all contorted. Ohhh, she's sad, I get it.

Naomi asks Navid if she can join the school broadcast...what exactly is the Blaze? Afterschool Broadcast Journalism? Does any school actually have this program other than West Beverly?

But rejoice! Naomi's asking because she realizes that she can't sleep her way into college and that she might actually have to ::gasp:: work?!!?!

But she wants to do a sex segment called Clark After Dark. I don't want sex advice from Naomi. nope nope dont want it please stop

Navid says she can help by unpacking some AV equipment and then says "exsqueeze me" for some reason

"Adrianna's on drugs" "Pshh, noooo." Didnt Naomi and Navid have that exact same conversation last episode?

My cat starts crying when she notices her reflection in the mirror. I am distracted for a good 30 seconds. What just happened?

Oh. This. : Naomi: Are you on drugs? Adrianna: Can't you tell by the way my hair is parted?! Of COURSE I'm on drugs.

Except that Adrianna' s actual response was more like "I'm not on drugs, trust me, I'd never lie to you, ever ever ever, you can totally trust me, no drugs."


Adrianna points out to Naomi that when she was on coke, wasn't she acting totally different? That somehow convinces Naomi. She's not acting like she's on coke cause she's on downers, Naomi, heellloooooo there isn't just ONE drug on the planet.

Damnit. Silver's mom isn't dead, just gonna die. Ugh now we have to deal with all these goodbye scenes and more of Silver's contorted face, buhhhhhhhhhesfisefhkjsdhfgjhgf

Jessica Stroup has really gotten the short end of the stick on this show. She started off making out with the cast member who looks like he's 12 and has zero sex appeal, then went crazy, and now just cries about her alcoholic mom all the time. Booooring.

Kelly doesn't wanna see her dying mom. Do I really have to recap this storyline?

It's morning at Debbie & Harry's house (Debbie Harry? Lead singer of Blondie? Was this on purpose?). Dixon is an asshole and Annie is all chipper. I don't really care.

Huh. Dixon & Annie both had sex with psychos. Too many psychos on this show. It's getting old.

Jasper slept over?! Scandal!! I wish he was normal. Siiigh.

Annie tells Jasper that her parents said he could come over for dinner. Debbie knocks on the door and asks if Jasper would like mahi mahi or chicken for dinner. Annie inexplicably chooses mahi mahi. What high school student picks fish over chicken? I don't care where you go to high school, I call bullshit.

JASPER IS SO CREEPY. Just standing there, doing nothing, he's so creepy.

Opening Credits.

Ivy's mom suddenly has a recording studio. And they are gonna use it to bring down Naomi's sister. Ooookay.

Ivy jumps on Liam's back. JUMPS ON HIS BACK. WHY. Stop it. And why is this a handheld walk and talk?! That scene was a whole lot of awkward.

Who DOES that?!

Navid & Dixon judge Jasper from afar. Sigh. I hate it when the outcasts everyone hates are actually bad people.

Naomi pretends she is hosting a show about sex advice. Ah! She's creeping me out. Stop talking about sex. Stop stop stop.

Why do you hate me so, 90210?

Hot College Guy wants to do "filthy things" to Naomi. You're in college! Filthy things to a high school junior?! No no gross gross.

The Dean of CU, mother of Richard, the guy Naomi dated to get into CU, walks in on Naomi making out with Richards roommate, Hot College Guy. Hahaha Naomi, getting what you deserve NO CU FOR YOU.

Cut to Ryan & Jen getting dressed up to which I say NO WHY ARE THEY STILL TOGETHER?! STOP IT. NOOOO RYAN. Ughhhh.

Blair Waldorf could pull off all of Jen's lines way better than Jen could. Jen wishes she was more like Blair Waldorf.

Ryan wants Jen to see more of "his world." But Jen doesn't like your world, dump that shit, please

Hot College Guy dumps Naomi for using the phrase "Carbo-Loading." Oh, that's not why he dumps her?

Hot College Guy actually dumps Naomi for admitting she was using Richard to get into CU. Haha college boys don't like girls who use boys, take that Naomi. Go be a good student and stop being a ho.

Navid is filming a boring segment for The Blaze. Adrianna storms in and says, in front of the camera guy, "Why did you tell Naomi I was using?"

Guy behind camera says "I'm gonna go away from here" and thoroughly earns his sag day rate! First genuine laugh of the episode.

Adrianna is pulling a Jasper and going REALLY out of her way to lie. There are gonna be bad consequences when the truth comes out

Adrianna tells Navid that he was easy to get over. Yikes. Jessica Lowndes just pulled that off very nicely. I buy her bitchiness. The acting backs it up.

Jen arrives at Ryan's with a shitload of stuff for camping. Apparently she went to the Beverly Center to grab some things. She's an idiot.

Silver and Kelly. We consider fast forwarding again.

Why do they think this a storyline anyone wants to watch? ZZZzzzzzzz.

Naomi stops by CU to speak to Richard. Is she gonna tell him the truth and apologize?! Is Naomi gonna grow as a person?!!?!

Hey Richard, how do you feel about Naomi? I can't tell.

Naomi says watching the movie about industrial meat production just gave her a craving for "kobe sliders" heehee. Second genuine laugh of the episode.

Dixon tells his parents that Jasper is a drug dealer RIGHT before he arrives for dinner. Dixon is such an ass. Even though Jasper IS in fact a drug dealer. Still a dick move.

Ryan wants to use Jen's New York Times to start a fire. She gets all huffy. Yeah right like Jen reads the Times. Ah hah! Ryan correctly guesses that she only reads the Style section, which will not be used to start the fire. Hey Ryan - did you hear yourself? You are saving THE STYLE SECTION. WHY ARE YOU WITH THIS WOMAN?

Ryan says he didn't bring anything to prepare for bad weather because "It never rains in LA." Uh. Did you just move here?! It rains here.

Jen freaks out at Ryan for not checking the weather report. Why didnt SHE check the weather if she's such a freak about it? I hate her so much.

Navid, Ivy, Dixon & Liam get together to unpack AV equipement. ... Where is Teddy in this episode? Why is no one even mentioning him?

Their revenge plot is way lame.

Ivy, stop palling around with Liam like that! Why is everyone so awkward.

Jasper, Annie, Harry & Debbie enjoy dip. Harry & Debbie are visibly frightened by Jasper.

My mom comments that Jasper's hair is stupid.

Can't say I disagree.

Annie gets upset about how dumb everyone at her high school is. Jasper tells Annie "Hey, we talked about this, right? You just gotta forget it." My dad comments that if a guy ever talked to me like that in front of him & my mom, they'd kick him out on the spot.

Jasper says "I know you think I'm a drug dealer," then insists he isn't. Except he is and AUGH this is annoying, some bad shit is gonna go down.

Naomi arrives to unpack Navid's "crap." Hmm, I like Naomi more now that she has a heart.

Ah hah. Here's why she had to help. She runs into Liam, he hurts his hand, she puts ice on it. For no reason, prompted by nothing, Liam tells Naomi he wishes he could take back what he did last year and he regrets it every day.

"The show says I still love you, so I guess I still love you? Did I get it right?"

They still have ZERO chemistry.

This heart to heart moment between Liam & Naomi was REALLY not warranted, 90210

Eraser of death kills Kelly's mom. Kelly is sad. I'm a little sad for her.


Ryan & Jen get in the car cause it's raining. Jen wants to leave. They get into a fight cause Ryan always does what Jen says but she hates whatever he wants to do. Ryan puts up with it cause he likes stupid barbies. Shouldn't the message here be that intelligence is sexy, not vapid whore-ness?

Oh they moved Silver & Kelly's mom to a private room. Not dead. Kelly has time. Yawn.

Debbie, Harry & Annie talk about Jasper. Sidenote: I like Annie SO much more this season

Oh shit! Harry says Annie can't see Jasper anymore. She asks if it's because of the stupid rumor. Debbie says its more than the rumor, it's because "Jasper is odd." Bwhahaha. Good call, Mama 90210.

Kelly and mom. zzzzzzz.

Hot College Guy forgives Naomi for using Richard. "It was hard for me to stay mad at the [17 year old] girl I'm falling for." If they break up, he can't commit statutory rape! Oh noes!

Psychos and Statutory Rape. All this show knows how to do. Oh and drugs. Lots of drugs.

Naomi breaks up with Hot College Guy because...she is still hung up on Liam?! Oh come onnnnn. No chemistry, nothing to back it up. Lame.

Hahaha, Annie tells creepy Jasper that she is forbidden from seeing him. Hahahaa. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Jasper throws the phone at the wall.

Naomi goes to Adrianna's to complain about breaking up with Hot College Guy. She notices Aid's drugs, yells at her & leaves.

Aaaaand "No Drama Adrianna" will now be "Overdose Adrianna" yet again.

Hey, Hot Sleepy Teacher fell asleep! Awesome.

Jen is building a tent, making an effort to fit into Ryan's world, set to Ryan Adam's cover of Wonderwall. Why is the show trying to make us think that Jen cares about anything? Thankfully, we know better.

Ryan says there is nothing Jen could say that would make him like her less...I tend to...disagree...emphatically.

Why does Jen think it's so bad to admit her husband cheated on her? That doesn't reflect poorly on her character, it reflects badly on her ex-husband's. She sucks.

Ryan and Jen are all lovey dovey. Don't buy it. Can't wait for this charade to end next week.

Just threw up in my mouth a little

Silver and Kelly's mom dies for like the 80th time. Is it real yet?

Is this storyline over yet?

And Jasper TRIES TO KILL NAVID by pushing him down the stairs. Are you kidding me?!

See? Jasper's totally normal, Navid. Only normal people try to kill each other, duh.

Ivy's contribution in tonights episode has exclusively been "Liam, I'm gonna touch you and say one line and be cute lalalala" Oh well. I still like her more than most of the people on this show. Especially Jen.

Next Week: The truth about Jen comes out! Finally. If Ryan forgives her, so help me...


Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but there's no way on God's green earth that Jen pitched that tent all by her onesies. Not. Possible.