Thursday, November 5, 2009

90210 Semi-Live Blogging "Women's Intuition" [Loss of 12 Fangirl Points]

Previously on 90210:

Hot Surfer Chick comes to town. Her name is Ivy and I don't hate her! She & Liam have chemistry.

Adrianna broke up with Navid for Teddy. Teddy the Cartoon Caveman no want relationship. Adrianna sad.

Evil Jen tells Liam that Naomi will never find out they slept together for the 37th time. Liam tries to tell Naomi, she walks away. Epic Fail.

Pretty Statutory Rape Girl tells Boy Face Dixon that she is pregnant with his baby.

Now on to this week!

Season 2, Episode 8, Women's Intuition

We open with an awkward black & white movie of Annie crying near the Hollywood sign, courtesy of the now officially creepy Jasper.


Ugh, I'm sad Jasper is creepy. I wish that he was normal. I like Annie when she doesn't fit in, but if the offbeat guy is creepy, then it ruins the whole "outcasts can be cool" thing.

Gia & Navid walk in on Jasper & Annie kissing and suddenly there are 18 people in the room. How did that happen?! What?! Where did they all come from?!

Rumer Willis could be a good actress some day!

Gia refers to someone as her "ex-friend." Eh, I've used that term before. I'll take it.

Jasper is a drug dealer, surprise surprise. Ugh.

Surfer Chick and Liam are such good friends now that they eat lunch together! They are playing jokes on Teddy. Teehee. Pranks! This show is going out of its way to demonstrate what good friends these three are now. It's kind of really awkward.

Liam says "I love this girl" to Surfer Chick Ivy. She is giddy. I smell a crush?

And she already knows everything about Navid/Teddy/Adrianna? That was fast...

Ivy just said "Dude, breakups are the worst, man." ... That is all.

Liam tells Surfer Chick, "You're not really a girl." Uhhh. Looks like a girl to me. Who you flirt with. Regularly.

Pretty Statutory Rape Girl boasts about how domestic and cute she is. Dixon is rightfully disturbed.

PSRG is actually going through with having this baby? Why will no one on this show have a damn abortion.

He's still a kid and you're still an adult. This is STILL AWKWARD.

The rest after the jump!

YES he's saying you should get an abortion, HELLO

Finally, Dixon speaks some sense. Aaaand PSRG is officially nuts. She's totally faking this pregnancy, isn't she? Doesn't she watch Glee? That shit's difficult to pull off.

Is that Rumer Willis playing guitar?

It's Adrianna! She wrote an "I'm sorry" song for Navid! Aww she's pretty. Though this is still very awkward. Show, stop being so awkward!

So much awkward this week

She can do much better that Navid, the most controlling boyfriend since Edward Cullen at the beginning of Eclipse. ... I just made a Twlight reference in a 90210 post. You have permission to punch me in the face.

Navid rejects Adrianna. She'll be back on drugs in t minus one episode.

Oh gross, Hot Sleepy Teacher is still dating Naomi's Evil Sister? Oh! He's dating another woman! Sweeeet.

Hot & Sleepy, just like I like em

Jen says a bunch of mean & petty things in regards to Hot Sleepy Teacher being on a date with Ramona, the pretty bartender. Jen is such a bitch.

Is there really such a thing as Silverlake snobbery?! Really?! I somehow doubt that. Even the rich kids drink in hipster Silverlake bars.

Dixon's parents ask him why he's been missing practice. "Cause I got a girl pregnant"

Hey! He said what I just wrote! I know how teenage boys talk, apparently.

And that was all before the opening credits

Did Dixon not use a condom?! Really?? Dumb ass. Unless the girl's on birth control, you use protection every time. Come on.

Correct expression in response to "We used protection ALMOST every time"

Debbie insists on going to meet PSRG.

She is sooo not pregnant. Parents just entered the picture, so you best not be fucking around, woman.

Okay, yeah, she probably is pregnant. Or is she? Suddenly I can't tell. Crazy bitch anyway. PSRG tells Debbie to butt out, that the decisions about the baby are between her & Dixon. Aaaactually, Dixon is a minor, soooo his decisions are technically his parent's decisions.

Liam is published in something or something! Yay smart Liam!

Who is THIS guy?!?!?! With Teddy, Ivy & Liam and no lines. Who is this random guy walking with them?! What?!?! Well, in any event, Ivy got them all into the N.E.R.D. party. Haha. Nerd Party.

Who IS this guy on the right?!?!!

Navid tells Annie that Jasper is a drug dealer cause they "used to be friends" and he is worried about her. Were Navid and Annie ever actually friends? I don't recall. This show often just decides people are friends without actually showing any sort of friendship develop at any point.

Jen continues to be a giant bitch as she stalks Ryan's date at the Silverlake Lounge.

Bitch is blurred in the back ground

"You're much older looking close up" Jen! Bitch!

Isn't Jen just using Ryan anyway? What's her DEAL? Why does Ryan LIKE her?!

Glad they toned down Silver's lame storyline this week

Or will Adrianna start taking drugs again in this episode?

Yeah, PSRG IS crazy! Debbie's right. Not pregnant! Crazy! I feel like this show just turns people crazy when they don't know what else to do cause there was zero indication of something being wrong with PSRG until the last episode.

Silver & Naomi tell Navid to tell Adrianna not to use drugs. Slightly snoozefesty.

Ryan confronts Jen at the country club about how she stalked Ramona. Is Ryan finally seeing what a bitch Jen is?!

Wait, Ryan thinks this is SEXY?! That Jen stalks these women? Why is he REMOTELY interested in her?! Can't he see how evil she is?? I'm so bothered by all these supposedly intellectual guys like Liam & Hot Sleepy Teacher liking vapid barbies like Naomi & Jen. UGH.

They make out. Of course.

Jasper & Annie are at Pink's. Their food comes right away. When you order at Pink's, it still takes a half hour after you order. So, wrong.

Jasper has a giant wad of cash cause he's a drug dealer. Annie asks about this. Jasper FLIPS OUT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.

Jasper, if you aren't a drug dealer, why don't you clear it up instead of being crazy?! Psyyyycho. Leaves Annie alone, without a car, at Melrose & La Brea. Have fun figuring out how to get back home. Here's hoping there's an app for that.

Aw and Annie looks so cute in that dress! Too bad.

Ivy suddenly in one episode became such a tomboy that Liam couldn't see past it, until omg she puts on a dress! Will he see her as a girl now?!?!!? Would have liked that relationship to have been established just a tad more. Sigh.

I have no idea who this band is. I've heard the name Pharrell before. But. No clue who he is or what's going on. Is he part of N.E.R.D.? Am I 87 years old?

Liam should tell Ryan that Jen is evil! Ryan would believe youuuuuuu, Liaammm.

Ryan introduces his girlfriend to his a bar...cause that's totally normal...

Liam runs off upon "meeting" Jen. Cause Jen is a crazy ho.

I just don't get Ryan and Jen. He should like smart girls and doesn't she only like rich guys? Buh. It continues to upset me.

Navid goes to see Adrianna and tell her to not do drugs. Snooze. Except now I kinda feel bad for Adrianna and Navid. They were pretty happy together. And I guess he cares about her. I think it's just that they are the best actors on the show, thus they affect me, thus I'm confused and think their storyline makes sense.

Her face makes me sad!

Why is Liam distracted by Naomi talking to Hot College Guy?! Liam & Naomi never had chemistry! Stop it!

Random best friends Ivy & Teddy have a heart to heart about Ivy liking Liam.Why do the girls always have to like Liam, why can't Liam have a crush on the girls?

Jen wants to call a truce. Liam says it's cause she's afraid he'll tell Ryan what a super villain she is. Yeah, Liam's got your number, bitch!

Debbie finds Sasha and in a one-two punch, corners PSRG into revealing the baby doesn't actually exist. Nice one, Debbie! That's what moms are for.

Annie apologizes profusely to Jasper. Ugh. Even if he isn't a drug dealer, the way he treated you for asking wasn't exactly cool. Creep alert! Drop that shit.

P.S. They are AT the Hollywood sign. That's not possible. Pshhh.

Not possible

So is Naomi officially dating Hot College Guy now?

How did all these high school kids get in here again? And how are they drinking? And how is it okay for their teacher to be at the same club and not interfere? Confused.

Samantha Ronson's two lines! She tells Navid some girls are cute and he should hit on them! Her two lines were about being a lesbian! Cause she's a famous lesbian! Get it?

But if Navid starts hitting on girls at bars, we're gonna get into another Sasha/Dixon storyline

Adrianna's worst nightmare come to life. All the boys she could ever love are flirting with other people. The end. Guess the only option left would be the ladies. And what do you know, it will be, in the coming weeks!

How did all of these people get into this party?!? Seriously!

High schoolers, college students, teachers and socialites all at one party. With drinks. Sure, that makes sense.

Jen tells Ryan that Liam tried to hit on her. Why is Jen being such a bitch?!?!?!?! Stop it!!!!

So now Jen is trying to ruin Liam's ENTIRE life? Jesus.

PSRG tells Dixon she had a miscarriage. Debbie comforts Dixon & doesn't tell him Sasha was actually a lying crazy bitch. Tell Dixon the truth!! Tell him she's crazy! Why aren't they telling him?

Ehhh, I don't trust you here, Debbie. You should tell him the truth. Boy should know how to avoid attracting the crazies. Even though she totally wasn't crazy at the beginning of her storyline and the writers just randomly made it up last week, so how would he have known anyway.

Ivy goes to see Liam in the shop where he is making something secret hidden under a tarp! He won't show her what it is. Whatever. Just make out! Make out! Ivy & Liam! Make out!

Yay! They make out! They actually have chemistry!!

Jasper is such a drug dealer and she's about to find out. Or we are. Oh NO! He gets a phone call and it's Adrianna! Don't deal to her, you bastard!!

Next week on 90210:

Annie's still a virgin??? I missed that.


Mel Got Served said...

I'm glad Dixon's lady is faking the funk/pregnancy. I didn't need him to be a stereotype. Debbie the mom finally stepped up- loved that scene. She served her.

Navid and Adrianna break my little heart. I'm liking Teddy and Silver together- she grounds his arrogance. And offsets his 35 year oldness.

Jen's a total whackjob. Great villain, but she needs to get got.

Lisa said...

Debbie needs to take her feminine intuition over to William McKinley High School and use it to deflate Terri's fake pregnancy too.

I feel like all inspiration for Ivy's lines came from episodes of The Hills.

Whatever happened to NO DRAMA ADRIANNA???!!

LoquaciousMuse said...

Haha, yeah I'm pretty sure No Drama is the opposite of taking drugs the moment you're single.

It's easy to be "No Drama Adrianna" when your life is fine! It's when you're going through the tough times that the mantra matters, Adrianna you dumb ho auuughhh.

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