Thursday, September 9, 2010

True Blood Original Score Soundtrack Giveaway!

To commemorate the end of another fantastic True Blood season, we’re holding another True Blood contest!

LoquaciousMuse and I are huge fans of the True Blood score and we’re thrilled to giveaway True Blood Season 1 Soundtracks to a few lucky contestants.

Nathan Barr is the amazingly gifted composer behind the True Blood score. His elegiac and beautiful music provides the perfect backdrop for all of Sookie’s twisted, dangerous, and romantic escapades. Barr’s score is also great to listen to on its own. So here’s how you can enter to win your free copy of the soundtrack:

1. Leave a comment below, telling us why you love Nathan Barr's True Blood score.
2. Go to Nathan Barr's official Facebook page and leave the same comment on his wall.
3. On that same wall comment, leave a link back to this post.
4. Wait for us to chose a winner!

See it’s easy. Just show some love on two different pages, link back to this post when leaving your comment on Nathan Barr’s FB page, and then you’re all set and entered to win a free copy of the Season 1 score. Good luck!


Samantha said...

I love the soundtrack because I'm a huge fan of Trueblood, and the music that Nathan Barr composes for it is just beautiful. It adds so much emotion to the scenes! As a musician myself, I understand how difficult finding the right music is. This all fits perfectly!

Unknown said...

Nathan Barr's music made me FEEL Bill and Sookie's love connection, as if it was MY love story.

Courtney said...

Nathan Barr's musical score is in one word...Ingenious. He makes you FEEL the emotion as well as see it. When listening to his music, even if you're not in the same room with the television, you know exactly what is happening. He is by far one of the most talented composer's I have heard in a long time, and am a big fan.

Bree said...

The music in True Blood definitely sets the mood. It has a way of capturing or even defining the emotion of the scene -- whether it is something dark or more light-hearted. True Blood's score has matched some of my other favorites to the point where I'll be distracted away from the scene on the screen to say "oh I love this song!" Thank you!

C. Robert Dimitri said...

Nathan Barr's music for True Blood fits the show magnificently. His arrangements and use of strings in particular convey the southern charm of the setting, and at the same time they possess a fittingly timeless sound (almost Baroque in tone at times) that brings to mind tunes that might have been shared over lonely Civil War era campfires. Thus, the setting and the immortal vampires at the story's center are represented musically. His score's undercurrent lends the fantastical and at times wacky material the grounding it needs to resonate with us emotionally, and the music's most sweeping moments communicate the romance of the show.

Ana Luísa Vale said...

Nathan Barr's music is like sookie's blood, it has magic and atract us in such an a irristible way that wont be enough true blood to satisfy or thirst for it.

Ana Luísa Vale said...
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LoquaciousMuse said...

And the winners (randomly selected) are Samantha and Bree! Please email your mailing addresses to allthingsfangirl at

Thanks to everyone for submitting! Stay tuned for many more contests in the future!

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