Wednesday, September 8, 2010

500 Days of Summer Singing 'Sploge

It wasn't a premeditated form of demonstrating my love for 500 Days of Summer that led to seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt live on stage on Monday and Zooey Deschanel live on stage less than a week later, but I do love 500 Days of Summer and it did happen, so judge me as you will.

For those of you who don't obsessively study my tweets (i.e. all of you), Monday, August 30th, I attended night #2 of HitRecord.Org's Summer in the City, wherein Joseph Gordon Levitt did a bunch of artsy stuff I barely remember cause I drank five flutes of prosecco first. Oops. Luckily, I managed to film the entire show for posterity. Not so luckily, the video was taken by a DRUNK PERSON (me) so it's all shaky and filled with juvenile giggles. Sigh/fail. But I do remember this: He was adorbz, the show was awesomely fun, and JGL definitely called out our friend Pete for being awesome, as they worked together in Sundance.

Then, Sunday Sept 5th, I went to the LA Times Celebration of Food and Wine which closed with an amazing concert from She & Him. Like, amazing. I love them. I know most of everyone doesn't love them cause lots of people no like Zooey Deschanel, but like, I LOVE this band. And man, the guys in this crowd, were OBSESSED with Zooey. To quite the hilarious degree. Have some video featuring some of these crazies that may be going online soon.

Anyhoo, below are some videos from the events. Some are good, some are drunk, some are cell phoney, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. 500 Days of Summer Singing SPLODE!!!

She & Him - Wouldn't it be Nice

Joseph Gordon Levitt accompanying an animation live

She & Him - Roll Over Beethoven (Cell phone camera)

Joseph Gordon Levitt - "La Valse à Mille Temps"- good close ups, but also, drunk

If you feel like tripping out...


angie said...

I don't understand where the Zooey hate comes from! She's a great actress and a fantastic singer and she's adorable. Hating Zooey is like hating puppies. People are nutso.
I also love 500 Days of Summer, JGL and She & Him. I got to see She & Him in Philly earlier this year and it was AWESOME.

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

I love Zooey & She & Him. I just wish they would come to NC. Thanks for the videos!

Castling said...

Dear Angie,

I'm not a Zooey fan. I don't like her as a singer or actress.

I do love Kirsten Dunst and most people hate her but I don't compare their hatred to that of hating puppies. Puppies are really, really popular. Quirky, young actresses like Kirsten and Zooey are acquired tastes. If someone says they hate Meryl Streep then puppy hater comparisons or calling them "nutso" is justified and appropriate.


JD said...

Zooey is awesome.
I saw She And Him this summer and it was incredible.

Emma said...

Lovely article <3