Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Soaps Meet Geek?

Was doing my late night soap tweet thang last night (don't act like you don't LIKE IT) when a new ad popped up for John McBain, Llanview's resident hard boiled detective. Llanview is the fake town in One Life To Live, btw. In case you were wondering. which you probably weren't.

Anyway, the ad has a very Sin City vibe to it, and even though it's totally ridiculous (okay, pretty damn ridiculous), it's also kind of neat and, in my mind, worth posting. When soaps start imitating comic book noir, I'm totally on board.

In researching the internets to find this clip, I also discovered that Michael Easton, the dude who plays John McBain (and also played vampire-in-love-with-a-human Caleb on Port Charles like SEVEN years ago, Twilight) is a fantasy novel AND graphic novel writer. Baaazuhhh???

Check it out - his Fantasy Novel series, Soul Stealer and his upcoming Graphic Novel, The Green Woman.

How totally random.