Friday, July 23, 2010

Twisted Metal

This panel started off rough due to technical difficulties, and then they ran over...which ultimately made me miss the Marvel Vs Capcon panel...excuse me while I cry just a tiny bit. :(

Anyway we didn't get to see much...
We watched a short about the behind the scenes of Twist Metal...which turned out to be the wrong video and was missing a lot of the necessary cards, and art work. But what I did get from it was the origins of a few of the characters:

Sweettooth: Is pretty much a force of nature serial killer. They toy with the origins of how he became this way.
Preacher: His character was inspired by extream southern christian enthusiast who are super aggressive about their beliefs. In the video game the Preacher believes the work he is doing is for good....even though it's murder. :)
Dollface: Came out of the subculture of obsession w/ body & body image.
Grim: Based on the type of character Scott Campbell would enjoy playing. The adrenaline junky, motorcycle loving, lost soul type.

  • Roof top level is now designed w/ each area sloping downward to the center. This makes it easier to see your opponents.
  • Roof top lever includes a center hub, and a figure 8 configuration.
  • There is an atrium crash which only has one exist making an ambush easy.
  • DLC will be available.
  • Brand new special attacks are available.
  • 2 & 4 player split screen (on and off line)
  • A sniper weapon is now available. You can takes someone out w/ one shot!
  • When flying in the game you can switch vehicles. (But only when you die.)
  • Released 2011