Thursday, February 18, 2010

Topless Robot Holds A Contest - I Giggle For 10 Minutes Straight

Topless Robot makes me giggle like a gaggle of 3rd graders. Giggle gaggle!

Rob held a contest recently about...well I think about geeky fake headlines, is the impression I got. (editor's note: it was for Wishful TR Headlines) And I couldn't stop laughing, COULD NOT STOP. I thought I'd post some of my favorites below, for your enjoyment. Be sure to head on over to Topless Robot to read all 30 honorable mentions plus the winners!

Kev Weldon said:

Spielberg, Jackson, Abrams and Del Toro To Remake Prequel Trilogy While George Lucas Trapped In Giant Maze.

TheRam said:

NASA says "Fuck It", spends entire budget to build Serenity.

Baltin said:

Christopher Walken, Steve Buscemi, Ben Kingsey, Christopher Lee, and Michael Jonn Berryman are signed up for "The Peculiar Set". A dark comedy about how a bunch of sinister looking guys clean up crime-ridden town by simply walking down the street and saying hello to everyone.

Quixotico said:

Cyberdyne Systems Skips Murderous T-Series, Begins Production Of Sexy Cameron-Series

LeeboZeebo said:

"Joss Whedon hosts contest allowing one fanboy to blow him. Rob Bricken [Topless Robot Editor] enters eight million times."

A. Biro said:

"Hi-C to reissue Ecto-Cooler, millions take to the streets to celebrate"

Mech5 said:

"Japan's Holds Press Conference Announcing "Weirdness" as Its Chief Export"

Orangutan said:
"Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' series set to debut on HBO. Gaiman to have final approval on every script and casting choice. Will air in timeslot immediately following Game of Thrones."

And just for fun, check this out from Topless Robot too. Love that Rob.


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