Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paley TV Festival Announces Lineup - LQ Dies [Geekgasm]

You know when like, you are looking forward to something, and then suddenly it becomes super tangible and you are like OMFG and die a little inside?

Thats what happened today when the Paley Center send me a lil email about their lineup this year. I've always wanted to go and as it happens, I will be in LA for most of the fest this year. So. I'm gonna go.

Here's the sexy line up, listed in the packages they come in:

Package A:
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 4/10 (w/ after party)
90210 4/11
The Big Bang Theory 4/16
The Hills 4/21

Package B:
Dr. Horrible 4/14
Dollhouse 4/15
Battlestar Galactica/Caprica 4/20 (w/ after party)
Fringe 4/23

Package C:
True Blood 4/13
The Mentalist 4/17
Desperate Housewives 4/18
Big Love 4/22
Swingtown 4/24 (w/ after party)

Hmm. Which package would YOU choose? I wonder. Could it be the same one I would pick?

I won't be in LA past April 21st, but still, Package B is my homeboy. BATTLESTAR MAKES ME GIDDY. IT MAKES ME GIDDY. I'd also love to get to True Blood and frankly, 90210, if only because I'm so damn curious about what these people are like in real life. Could they be real? Can they form sentences without a script? Will the Q&A turn into one massive orgy? And obviously, if I were there on the 24th, I'd hit up Swingtown as I effing loved that show.

What do you think about this years line up? Anyone planning on attending? Anyone planning on fighting me to win marriage to Tahmoh? Anyone else not understand why NPH and Ted Danson were in the audience of American Idol last night, but not care, cause that's hilarious?


Teddy Diefenbach said...

[I'm watching Idol]
[Idols cuts to Ted Danson]
[3 seconds pass]
Me: "It's Ted Danson!! Watch out! He's gonna cause some DAMAGES!"

But NPH wins for his reaction shot after that AWKWARDLY awful performance by Casey Carlson, this seasons C/K alliterative contestant (Kelly Clarkson, Kimberly Caldwell, Kristy Lee Cook...).

Unknown said...

You are one lucky sumbitch. B has double Whedon, plus BSG... so double Tahmoh. None of the others even compare! Come on!

The only thing the others offer are chances to satisfy your fascination with things that are awful. The Hills, 90210, Desperate Housewives... and Sookie!!!

Way to go Paleyfest.