Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kinkiest Auction Item Ever [Holy Moneys, Batman!]

Arnold Schwarzenegger signature “T-800 Terminator” costume from Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Profiles in History is holding a big auction tomorrow December 11th at noon in Calabasas. What items are being auctioned off? All kinds of rare old Hollywood photographs & art, the Temple of Doom fedora & whip, the original C3P0 droid helmet, the original Gremlins puppets, first editions of James Bond books inscribed by Ian Fleming, Luke Skywalker's actual lightsaber, the tricylcle from The Omen & classic costumes like Jor-El's from Superman.

One of my favorites is this kinky gem

Burt Ward “Robin” public appearance costume in the same style as worn in the TV series Batman

I have friends who love Robin enough to fork up the $1000 asking price for that little number. Hawt.

And, oh my god. I could own my very own animitronic Gizmo for only $6000?! AND THE SPORTS ALMANAC FROM BACK TO THE FUTURE II FOR $2000?! Good thing I'm swimming in moneys and collect science fiction memorabillia! Oh..wait...that's not me...that's Paul Allen. Crap. Oh hey, Wolverine's battle suit from X-Men is only $60,000! Okay, I'm officially starting a "LoquaciousMuse needs the Mars Attacks Ray Gun fund"

If I don't stop looking at this catalog, I'm gonna cry. But you can check it out by clicking here and following the links to the Hollywood Catalog 33.


EruditeChick said...

Check out the boy wonder's camel toe.