Monday, December 8, 2008

Effing Damnit, Heroes [Rant]


You know, I've really stuck with Heroes through it all. I defended it when Hiro went to Japan in season 2, screamed & applauded like hell after the season 3 premiere at Comic-Con & started to really love some things that were happening this season. I've defended it because, as I've said before, I never put Heroes on the same level as Lost or Battlestar to begin with, so I didn't mind as much when it stopped making sense. But this week, despite that lovely scene between Hiro & his mother, Heroes actually managed to let me down.

To start off, the time paradoxes are really starting to irk me. Kaito wouldn't remember the chef who looked exactly like his son? Noah wouldn't remember Claire traveling back in time to give him a warning? And I assume there is a 52 year old Hiro wandering around in present day now? Who would have known what happened and tried to stop it, Terminator style? Right? (If I had a nickel for every paradox on Heroes & Terminator, I'd be able to afford my Arrow of Apollo. That's a lot of nickels.) And wouldn't something have changed in the present the MOMENT anything changed in the past? These questions will never be answered. Moving on.

What upset me the most this week was Sylar reverting to the heartless killer he once was. Sure he spared Peter cause he supposedly didn't need him anymore, but, wait a second, didn't he have Elle's powers WAY before he murdered her? Yup, he sure did. So why kill her exactly? Cause she lied to him a long time ago? You know, if there was motive, it got lost in all the me being pissed off that the best actress on the show was about to be killed off. And yes, she's gone. Straight from director/producer, Greg Beeman,

Sadly – as of this episode Kristen Bell departs the show – we loved having her here. She is a pro and an all-around good egg...Tim Kring and Kristen had explored keeping her around longer – and I know Kristen wanted to come back. There were potential storylines about pregnancies and babies…. But the truth is she has a very busy career with a lot of feature films, pilots and much else in the works. We had no official contract with her – and she couldn’t commit to exactly when she could return. And so it was decided that this would be the most exciting way to end her character. She will be missed.

I see. They weren't sure how many eps she could be around for so they killed her in a completely nonsensical manner. Genius! Ugh.

I don't know about you, but I've loved Sylar's transformation all season. ACTUAL character development that is now washed down the drain. I squealed like the 12 year old girl I secretly am during this scene

But, up, in the next episode, he killed her. Oh well. No remorse. What's next!

I really hope when Bryan Fuller steps in, he teaches everyone a thing or two about how to make a great television show. Company Man is by far the best episode to date and if Fuller can recreate that magic, Heroes will be back on top. But if he can't do it? I don't know if anyone can.

And now, I leave you with photos of one of the stupidest choices Heroes has ever made.

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david said...

yeah, there's definitely a post somewhere in me about the geek community (which i love, but not unconditionally) often incites their own greatest disappointments because of their eagerness for things around which they can build a community. in recent years, heroes (along with the likes of 300) have been the poster children for / beneficiaries of this phenomenon. the best thing the geek community can do if they want quality content is to abandon shit like heroes ASAP, even if it means giving up on a popular genre show. those in power now know that the geek community is a profitable one, which paradoxically makes the geek community those in power... so if the geeks want something good to obsess over, they need to do something about it. in short, i don't think it's really beneficial to you to like / tolerate heroes just because it never had the same promise as Lost.

or maybe i just effin hate heroes and just can't understand how anyone could enjoy it cause i'm, like, a total d-bag.

LoquaciousMuse said...

david, it MADE ME SO ANGRY this week. I'm so close to jumping ship. if it wasn't for bryan fuller coming on, i would. but i like geek things that aren't perfect, they just don't get as much respect from me. for example, i would never woot for props/costumes from heroes. that's saved for battlestar. BAATTLEETSRARARRR

david said...

yeah, but i just feel like... come on, this thing is the worst, geeks should be picketing in the street against this insulting crap. you guys deserve better, and by not abandoning this show altogether you're only enabling it. i call for a mass silent protest in hall H!


EruditeChick said...

Iiiiiiii jumped ship three eps into season two. Season one wasn't good enough for me to love the show, and the season two kickoff sure as hell wasn't good enough for me to stay on board. Furthermore, everything I've seen of Heroes since then has been similarly poorly paced and uninteresting.

Sorry, cubscout, I'm out.

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