Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best of 2008 Critics List Compilation [Oscar Watch]

Thought I would compile the list of who is racking up the most awards from various critic circles, institutions & publications. Who is included on this list?

Florida, Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, Southeastern, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, International Press Academy, New York Online Film Critics, Boston, LA, DC, NBR & Entertainment Weekly

Excuse the funny numbers - there were tons of ties and omitted categories by each group, so don't expect anything to add up.

Best Picture
Slumdog Millionaire 10 awards
Wall-E 4
Milk 2
Frost Nixon
Wendy & Lucy
The Dark Knight
Happy Go Lucky
Benjamin Button
The Wrestler

Danny Boyle 12
Gus Van Sant 2
Ron Howard
Jonathan Demme
Christopher Nolan
Mike Leigh
David Fincher

Sean Penn 10
Mickey Rourke 8
Frank Langella
Richard Jenkins
Clint Eastwood

Sally Hawkins 6
Anne Hathaway 5
Kate Winslet 4
Meryl Streep 2
Melissa Leo
Michelle Williams

The rest after the jump

Supporting Actor
Heath Ledger 15
Josh Brolin 2
Michael Shannon

Supporting Actress
Penelope Cruz 6
Marisa Tomei 5
Rosemarie Dewitt 3
Viola Davis 2
Kate Winslet
Taraji P. Hensen

Original Screenplay
Milk 4
Rachel Getting Married 2
The Visitor 2
In Bruges
Synecdoche, New York
Happy Go Lucky
Gran Torino

Adapted Screenplay
Slumdog Millionaire 8
Frost/Nixon 4
The Dark Knight
Benjamin Button

Foreign Language Film
Let The Right One In 10
Mongol 2
Tell No One
Gomorrah, Italy
Still Life

Man On Wire 16
Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer

Wall-E 15
Waltz with Bashir

Safe to say that Man on Wire, Wall-E & Heath Ledger are all but locks at this point. Best Actor will be a fight to the death between Penn & Rourke & Actress and Supporting Actress are up for grabs both in terms of nominations and winners. If Sweden submitted Let The Right One In like it should have, dare I say it would be a lock as well.