Monday, November 17, 2008

TV Week in Review [Round Up]

I'll try to review shows as they air, but because I just got started with this blog, today I'm posting a Week in Review - just a little something about most everything I watched this week.
I watch a lot of tv...and not all of it quality...and there will be spoilers have been warned.

Good episode. Nice to see finally meet Jill and even nicer to see Jill realize how effing cool Chuck is. Not entirely sure I trust her, but I'll take it for now.

Gossip Girl
Little J's going through some fucked up shit. I know what it's like to be headstrong teenager, but my version of rebellion usually involved more staying up late and less running away and attempting emancipation. Here's hoping Daddy Humphrey realizes he needs to switch up the parenting technique a bit. As for that crazy Agnes ho, if some insane chick was trying to destroy what was most important to me, I wouldn't just ask her to stop - I'd punch the bitch in the face. I mean, seriously, Little J. Did you really think anything BUT physically stopping her was gonna keep your dresses alive? Too late now.
Boring Aaron continues to be boring, I don't care how many people he's dating.
Loving the Wallace Shawn! He better continue to be awesome, because if it turns out he's not a good guy, I'm gonna feel used.
But still, this episode only gets three stars because Aaron is boring, and not enough Chuck.

Okay, was I the only person who loved this episode?
I mean, throw a little Back to the Future Part Two in anything and I'm gonna flip for it, but - no one? Anyone?
And I'm loving this Elle/Sylar business. Even though it seems a tad revisionist considering Elle & Sylar have encountered each other before and showed no signs of familiarity. But I don't expect continuity with Heroes anymore, so it's okay. Please keep up the use of Kristin Bell. She's the best actress on the show and should not be wasted. Watching HRG act on his more villainous impulses isn't my favorite - not sure if I buy it yet - but if it means we get more of Elle & Sylar and their wacky love story, I'm on board!
And since the one two punch of Dark Knight & Entourage, I have a strange obsession with Eric Roberts. A very welcome surprise this week. Can we keep him?
I still have a lot of hope for this show. Maybe it's because I never put it on the same level as Lost or Battlestar so I never expected much in the first place (like for anything on the show to make sense), but I'm still watching. It's superhero bubblegum. Just accept that and you'll stop hating.

While the episode before this one had a more interesting case of the week, this week wins on the personal drama front, by far. We got a peak at Olivia's love life pre-cutedead?betrayerboy!
Apparently she was with Bella's dad Billy Burke ages ago but he fucked up their relationship cause he was scared. But he's kinda hot & feels bad about their past and she hasn't gotten to feel much but "whattheFUCKisthat?!" lately, so they make out.
But then Pacey Peter calls and brings her back into whatthefuck land, so she leaves. Damnit, Peter. My watched-soaps-after-school-for-8-years brain has come to the conclusion that we haven't seen the last of Billy Burke. Maybe he gets transferred to Boston after Peter & Olivia have their first kiss in season 3?!
Okay, moving on - the case of the week is a little ehhhh, but only because it's almost an exact mirror of events that have already occurred like Olivia having to talk to cutedead?betrayerguy while he is in a coma and the team going to great lengths to save him, only to discover he betrayed them all. Why are we semi recyling plot lines already?
And wasn't it obvious that Trini Alvarado was gonna turn out to be a bigger part (she's evil?!) considering her part was played by Trini Alvarado and I don't think her career has tanked to the point that she'd be doing U-5s on Fox?
But the fruit cocktail line combined with Matthew Abaddon's what's his character's name? reaction cracked me up, so all is forgiven.

Oh 90210.
How you frustrate me.
Since Rebecca Kirshner (writer for Gilmore Girls & Buffy) came on board as an executive producer, the show's gotten slightly better, but only slightly. She still has to work with these actors, these characters and the storylines already in motion, so there's only so much improvement even possible. But hey, at least this week they seemed to realize that maybe Naomi doesn't need to have crazy hair and wear ridiculous outfits all the time. A step in the right direction. And Kirshner did say we would see less crying and more bitch from this character who spent the first half of the season annoying the shit of out of me with her endless "tears" and she certainly delivered on that front. Although I don't know how believable it is that Naomi would go from like, pretty nice to MEGA CRAZY BITCH in one episode. I mean, that's A LOT of effort to go to to humiliate someone, when really, Naomi could have just confronted Annie about Blando Ethan in front of everyone and achieved probably an even greater effect. Instead, she flew out the ex boyfriend and hooked up with him? Really? Isn't your family going through a terrible divorce? Where did that money come from? You're telling me you're NOT gonna get in trouble for that?
Must move on, brain shorting out.
Happy to see more of Navid & Adrianna. Michael Steger & Jessica Lowndes are by far the best young actors on the show and deserve plenty of screen time.
Has anyone noticed that Hot Teacher always looks like he just woke up and always makes funny faces when he acts? I don't necessarily mind, just wanted to point that out. But his storyline pisses me off immensely. Mostly because when Jessica Lucas joined the show and had immediate chemistry with Hot Sleepy Teacher, I was like FINALLY a storyline that could be interesting! Then their attraction lasted for about two episodes and now they are like, in a relationship. Why?! Why did it all have to come to a head so soon? They could have dragged that shit on for so long and I would have loved every second. What if Hot Sleepy Teacher found himself crazy attracted to her, but had to fight it cause she is a student, then something happened and he was like "crap" and it wasn't until you know, 6 episodes later that he found out she was 25 and it was okay. Then we STILL could have gotten 3 more episodes of them sneaking around on campus! Point is - wasted storyline. It's a shame.
Still weirded out by the fact that Dixon looks 15 and Silver looks 25.
Also, Blando Ethan finally got me to like him for a half second, when he got all jealous at the restaurant. Kinda cute, no?
And as much as I love Jessica Walter, if my grandma so much as ASKED to sing at my sweet 16 party, I would freak the eff out. I don't care how "well adjusted" Annie is - no teen would ever be okay with that.
Just bring Dylan on, okay?
*** for Naomi having normal hair and Navid & Adrianna having screen time

Yes, I watch this show. But no YoungerBlondPaulRudd aka Charlie this week, so it wasn't my favorite episode. Cool to hear Rose sing - if that's the actress' real voice, props to her, she sounded fantastic. More Charlie!

America's Next Top Model
Marjorie rocked my world this week. She's so French & crazy! Why is she the only one who drinks? Analeigh just lost cool points in my book. Elina would have had a drink with you, Marjorie. I found it hilarious how concerned they all were for Marjorie's safety. I mean - they were surrounded by cameras and producers, what the hell did they think was gonna happen? She would be a little embarrassed? Let the girl have some fun.
I still don't understand why Sam didn't go home weeks ago. She is pretty and has nice pictures sometimes and seems fun to hang out with, but she is so NOT a high fashion model. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
I think this one is going to McKey, although I prefer Analeigh and her badass hair.

Top Chef
The girl who got kicked off first really freaked me out.
The guy who got kicked off second was adorable, but probably shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Also, my life is complete now that Top Chef is back on.

Grey's Anatomy
Not that I approve of firing an actress the way Grey's producers did, but at least the characters dealt with it. I was expecting a West Wing Mandy situation, so it was a nice surprise to watch the glorious Sara Ramirez deal with the end of her budding romance.
Sergeant McHottie (I don't know his damn nickname so that's what we're calling him) continues to be smoldering in that I'm-not-that-attractive-but-god-help-me-i'lll-make-you-think-i-am way. Kevin McKidd could totally show up in the next Bond movie as the 007 equivalent to Quantum and then they can have this whole Spidey/Venom type WTF you are just like me you are my doppelganger foil nemesis type of badass relationship.
I don't know WHAT the hell is happening with Denny, but I LOVE it. Holy hell do I find that man attractive. And next week we get Ghost Sex! Capitalized Ghost Sex! Can't wait to find out what's going on here, just as long as it doesn't end with Izzy realizing she has a terminal brain tumor that's makin her crazy so Sondra can get rid of her ass. Please don't be that.
Melissa George could be interesting? We'll see
**** for DENNY

30 Rock
Not as epically fantastic as last week's Oprah episode, but crazy looks good on Jennifer Aniston and any storyline that semi furthers Jack/Liz shipping is fine with me :)
Oh and ff I had any idea what the hell Night Court was (before my time?), I probably would have enjoyed the episode more.

Wow - really enjoyed this episode. Painful at times (being told in front of the whole crew that you are a shitty actor = worst nightmare) but overall enjoyable.
I hate seeing Ari fail and this week, fail he did. He couldn't intimidate Stellan Skarsgard or help Dana prevent disaster. And Poor Vince. I can't wait for him to make a comeback next season. But despite all our characters (save Turtle) going through turmoil at this point in time, it's what the show needed and I'm hooked - which is more than I can say for last season.

True Blood
GREAT episode. I have no clue how this is all gonna be wrapped up next week, but I'm certainly looking forward to it.
Was sad to see Lizzy Caplan go - she's been a great addition to the show. Never knew if her character could be trusted and I loved that. Very well done death scene - so tragic how unaware & helpless Jason & Amy were, off in their hallucinations. Loved it.
Sookie & Sam's relationship keeps getting more interesting. She knows she can trust him now and they have the bond that only sharing an intense secret can give to two people. For the first time, he doesn't creep me out! The scene where Bill came storming in was fantastic. He was so jealous, so hurt, so confused. I hated that girl he turned into a vampire and he did too, so eager to get back to Sookie after everything he just went through for her. It was painful to watch in the best way possible.
What the hell is going on with Tara?! What is Admiral Cain doing here? After seeing her covered in dirt, I thought she'd be a vamp, but the previews for next week make it look like she is out in the daytime. Hmmmm.
The only thing a little disappointing about this episode was that I knew who the killer was last week. It was just a hunch then, but then this week Rene asked if Amy slept with vampires and it was all over. I wonder if they were dropping clues on purpose so we could figure it out or if they were hoping no one saw it coming. But you know, I gotta give em credit. They didn't cheat and I appreciate that.
Next week's gonna be CRAZY. Can't wait.


Brendan M. Leonard said...

I stand by my previous point that if Supernatural doesn't make some kind of joke about Ghost Denny, they will have ridden the failboat. More after I watch some of these shows.

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